Episode 13: Robert Griffin-Nolan on Grassland Droughts


Production Team

Summary: An interview with PhD candidate, Robert Griffin-Nolan, from the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. Robert discusses grassland resilience to extreme drought in the Great Plains as well as other drought experiments ongoing at CSU.


  • Written and narrated by Robert Griffin-Nolan and Erika Foster. Edited and produced by Erika Foster


  • Knapp, A. K., Carroll, C. J., Denton, E. M., La Pierre, K. J., Collins, S. L., & Smith, M. D. (2015). Differential sensitivity to regional-scale drought in six central US grasslands. Oecologia177(4), 949-957.
  • Griffin-Nolan, R. J., Carroll, C. J., Denton, E. M., Johnston, M. K., Collins, S. L., Smith, M. D., & Knapp, A. K. (2018). Legacy effects of a regional drought on aboveground net primary production in six central US grasslands. Plant Ecology219(5), 505-515.
  • EDGE project website: http://edge.biology.colostate.edu/