Episode 06 – Gaurav (India)


Production Team

International Voices is a podcast that shares the perspectives and experiences of international students studying at Colorado State University. In each episode, tune in to hear a different take on cross-cultural challenges, lessons we can learn from one another and foods from around the world you should try.

In Episode 06, John sits down with Gaurav Harshe, a Master’s student in the Electrical Engineering department. Gaurav is from Mumbai, India and has been at CSU since the Fall of 2016. Some organizations he is a part of include the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the Council of International Student Affairs, The Indian Students Association and he also spends time working in the Office of International Programs. Tune in to hear them discuss how Mumbai is both the LA and New York of India, the linguistic and cultural diversity within India, how to find unity in diversity and how to navigate the insanely packed train cars of Mumbai. If you’re fascinated by the sheer enormity of amazing cultural elements from India you’ll really enjoy this conversation!

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