Episode 03: Dr. Garry Auld – Insight into Human Nutrition and our Current Food System


Production Team

We all learnt about human nutrition early on in school years, but it is always good to revisit old knowledge and see how the science has changed. We wanted to learn more about some of the common human ailments related to food and its consumption, whether it be lack of access to sufficient food, or even its overconsumption, we brought in an expert from CSU’s Food Science and Human Nutrition department to discuss these and other issues with us.

Our third podcast guest Garry, shares wisdom on the current state of malnutrition and undernutrition, obesity and gluten intolerances. We also cover general nutrition and revisions on the traditional recommendations for what makes a good diet. We delve into why humans do not all have access to to great food, perhaps due to food pricing, or maybe a food desert, and food insecurity as both a local and global issue. We also discuss food regulation, food labelling, food waste and sustainable agriculture in the food system.

We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and hope you do too! Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like any additional information or have any feedback.

Lastly, some of the resources we discuss in the podcast are below;

The University of Missouri’s Family Nutrition Education Program and the USDA’s Women, Infants and Children program.Garry mentions the shift away from the food pyramid, this has been replaced by My Plate here in the US. He recommends simply measuring a portion size as one cup for fruits and vegetables of at least 4 servings per day, and that a serving of meat is just 3 ounces recommended at not more than one serving per day. On each plate, that ⅔ to ¾ of your plate should be plant based with the remainder made up of protein. You can find My Plate recommendations here if you would like to compare their recommendations.