Episode 02 – Caio (Brazil)


Cheyenne Duba

International Voices is a podcast that shares the perspectives and experiences of international students studying at Colorado State University. In each episode, tune in to hear a different take on cross-cultural challenges, lessons we can learn from one another and foods from around the world you should try.

In Episode 02, John chats with Caio Pereira, an undergraduate student majoring in Political Science with a focus on International Development. Caio is from São José dos Campos, a city near the bustling metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil. Their conversation touches on the tremendous cultural and ethnic diversity of Brazil, assumptions about all Brazilians being good at soccer and samba, the meanings of “fogado” and “saudade”, Brazilian foods and lessons we can learn from one another. Tune in to learn more about the vibrant diversity of Brazil and be inspired to experience it for yourself!

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The stories we share have the power to connect us across borders, fences or walls we’ve constructed to divide ourselves. There’s so much to learn, we just have to listen.