Talk It Out: Mental Health


Production Team

Talk It Out is a podcast where Mia Sawaya discusses a topic, like feminism or religion, through music. Each episode, she discusses around three songs that bring up different aspects of the topic. Herself and a guest will form their conversation on the topic around the lyrics of the songs. Hopefully anyone listening will realize how influential good music can be, and the importance of embracing different viewpoints. Enjoy the music and conversations!

In this episode, I use songs to bring up certain aspects of mental health. We talk about bullying, confidence, and materialism which leads to an interesting conversation about James Holmes. My guest for this episode is my friend and fellow philosophy lover, Adela (last name). I don’t have the rights to the songs we talk about, so if you want to hear them, check out the links below.

Check Out:

Judgmental C**t- Kid Cudi



New York Soul pt. ii- Jon Bellion



James Holmes: 

Intro and Outro Music: Freedom!- Mulle Beats 

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