Tribal Seeds at The Aggie January 25, 2018


Katie Otter


Tribal Seeds brought the funk to The Aggie Theatre last Thursday night. A popular reggae band formed in 2005 from San Diego. Tribal Seeds is currently in the middle of a lengthy US tour that will wrap up this May in California. They took the stage at The Aggie about 10:10pm after an incredible set by The Expanders and The Wailers. The moment Tribal Seeds took the stage, a surge of energy was sent through the crowd that was consistent through the encore, where they played “Gunsmoke,” a popular song off of their newest record Roots Party, which came out on December 1, 2017. Steve Jacobo, the lead vocalist, was all smiles throughout the show, and it was clear that the band was having a fun time on stage, which translated into a wonderful experience for the audience. The Aggie provided an intimate venue for a band this size and allowed for great sounding music along with a positively warm feeling throughout the crowd.