Episode 01 – Naomi (Dubai)


Production Team

International Voices is a podcast that shares the perspectives and experiences of international students studying at Colorado State University. In each episode, tune in to hear a different take on cross-cultural challenges, lessons we can learn from one another and foods from around the world you should try.

The stories we share have the power to connect us across borders, fences or walls we’ve constructed to divide ourselves. There’s so much to learn, we just have to listen.

In Episode 01, John sits down with Naomi Mathew, an undergraduate student majoring in Biology and minoring in German and Business. Naomi was born and raised in Dubai, but her family is from India. In this episode, we discuss how she has incorporated her different cultural identities, the best way to identify authentic Indian food, why her mom wins the “Cool Mom of the Year” award and much more.

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