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Show Spotlight: Local Lunch Hour


Every Tuesday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m., Haley Justino, KCSU’s Local Music Director, hosts the Local Lunch Hour Show. DJ’ing under the alias DJ TBD, Justino finds value in her job because she believes that KCSU should showcase and support local music. “I’ve always been a part of the Denver music scene, and I wanted to continue that here in  Fort Collins. The artists all work really hard and because of that, I want to give them our support,” she said.

In the beginning, Justino had a steep learning curve to overcome, “I had never done any sort of recording or live audio engineering,” she said. “One of my first shows I messed everything up and we couldn’t use it.”

Justino emphasizes the importance of preparation, “something always goes wrong and being prepared makes fixing issues much easier.”

She has hosted live in-studios with local bands such as the Gasoline Lollipops, Whippoorwill, and House with a Yard. Each gig includes short interviews between songs, which tends to be a highlight for Justino.

“It’s really interesting how bands react during the interviews,” she said.

She always tries to find something different or unknown about each band she interviews, “the artists really open up when they realize I have put some work into learning about them,” she stated.

Each session is recorded and created into a podcast that people can find on

KCSU’s biggest upcoming in-studio will be on Dec. 27th with Trevor Hall.

If you’re a local musician and want to talk to us send an email to