Rocky Mountain Review: November 9th, 2017


Production Team

The Rocky Mountain Review is a bi-weekly student-run news program, run by KCSU News Directors Gabe Peterson and Julia Battagliese.

In this Rocky Mountain Review, the news team went through local, national and global news such as the election results for Larimer County as well as Trump and his visits to Asian countries (South Korea and China). Following that, Haley Justino joined the show for her local music segment as well as Bjorn Larson the “Sports Guy” sports reporter, giving us the latest in CSU sports news. After that, the news team went into their roundtable discussion joined with special guest Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick about women athletes and the problematic state of professional sports and how they treat women. Finally the Rocky Mountain Review came to a closing with the Marijuana Segment, by Dylan Simonson and Weather with Gabe Peterson, which were all directed by JD Leighton with his special “movie voice.”