Rocky Mountain Review: October 26th, 2017

Production Team

The Rocky Mountain Review is a twice weekly student-run news program run by KCSU News Directors Gabe Peterson and Julia Battagliese. Catch up on news updates, discussions, and interviews with your local news directors, reporters, and guests.

In this podcast, the Rocky Mountain Review talked about local and national news like Vicki Marble and her response to a Cub Scout’s questions and the DC Appeals Court that ruled in favor of a teen who was seeking an abortion. The news team also discussed the broadband initiative in Fort Collins and some of the pushback from the community that has been going on with recurring guest Haley Candelario. This session was also followed up with special guests Dylan Simonson, our Marijuana expert, Haley Justino, with her music segment, and Bjorn Larson with his sports report.