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Live on 90.5: Isabel Brown, ASCSU candidate, discusses her campaign and platform





      Live in-studio: Isabel Brown


On Wednesday, March 29th, the Rocky Mountain Review held a live interview with special guest Isabel Brown- candidate for ASCSU Speaker of the Senate.

During the interview, we touch on her qualifications, proposed initiatives, and her desire to improve student government relations with the entirety of the CSU student body.

According to her campaign Facebook page, her platform emphasizes three primary concepts: Process, Transparency, and Diversity. In her post, she elaborates on why these three ideals have come to serve as the cornerstone of her campaign.


“Historically, despite ASCSU Senate’s rich diversity in its composition, there have been dividing lines preventing Senators from joining together in a common goal: to professionally and adequately provide representation for every student at Colorado State University. Isabel seeks to create a Senate Chamber environment that allows every perspective to come to the table by promoting the freedom of all views to be expressed in an orderly and respectful fashion.”


“Isabel believes that currently, a lack of active transparent communication exists between the ASCSU Senate and the student body as a whole, as well as ASCSU Senate and the Faculty and Administration. She seeks to create a streamlined process of delivering information to the CSU community by providing weekly information regarding the Senate agenda and legislation to every student and administrator on campus, providing an avenue for more active engagement of the CSU community as a whole.”


“The new Speaker of the Senate position is inherently a nonpartisan position, as the Speaker will not vote on any legislation, but instead participates in conducting Senate via a process called Parliamentary Procedure each week. Isabel hopes to use her expertise in this field to create an unbiased, impartial venue in which all student perspectives and voices can be professionally brought to the table.”
You can learn more about Isabel Brown and her campaign for ASCSU Senate Chair at:
This interview was brought to you by the 90.5 KCSU News team, including Gabe Peterson, Madison O’Connor, Tyler Walt Duncan, Austin White, and News Directors Oscar Lorandi and Jonathan Simon. The audio was produced by Jonathan Simon.