The Distinct Culture of Fort Collin’s DIY Band Scene


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      FoCo Living- DIY Band Scene - Elizabeth Tango

Calling all do-it-yourselfers; our generation, our cultural narrative. 


From our backyards and our unfinished basements, the voices of a generation play in the margins here in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Here, we are the DIY contemporaries. DIY culture means that bands who might normally pay the money to have producers and publicists, instead create, direct, and produce on their own dime. But that doesn’t mean it’s free, in fact, it’s a labor of love for most, and there’s little support for lovers.


Will the music scene they create be pushed into a corner, or will inhabitants of this city decided to support DIY and the culture it cultivates?

Produced and edited for the “Rocky Mountain Review” by KCSU News FoCo Culture reporter, Elizabeth Tango.