CD Review: Thundercat- Drunk

Sam Gudmestad


Drunk Review

On Drunk, cosmic bassist Thundercat returns with an excellent followup to his ethereal 2015 EP The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam. Over the course of 23 songs his godlike bass playing transports the listener to another dimension free from the pressures of today’s society. A-list features ranging from Kendrick Lamar to Michael McDonald are seamlessly incorporated throughout the album, and while only a handful of the songs are over three minutes, this project is just right. Don’t let the first listen influence your opinion too much, however, as the experimental production and sonic qualities definitely require multiple returns to fully appreciate and digest. 

The track “Show You the Way,” supported by soft-rock legends Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, is romantic as hell. Stellar verses from each of the three excellent vocalists create an environment that is conducive to a romantic night in with that special someone. Before continuing, I must note that this song would not sound out of place on a Barry White record, which is important in and of its own right.

“Walk On By,” on the other hand, is a sleepy political anthem with a verse from arguably the best rapper and lyricist of the 21st century, Kendrick Lamar (feel free to fight Ave and I on this one). This track is far more laid back than any others on the album and wouldn’t sound out of place on your Sunday afternoon playlist.

Also appearing on his previous record, “Them Changes” showcases everything that is good about Thundercat in less than four minutes. Not only does this song have that angelic voice fans know and love, but also some really, truly stellar bass playing and a timeless sample courtesy of the Isley Brothers.

While Drunk doesn’t necessarily differ sonically from the rest of Thundercat’s discography, it is a welcome return to the laid back, funky style of previous records. The experimental production and varying track lengths force the listener to stay on their toes and encourage them to come back simply because of how strange it sounds as a whole.