Interview: Crying


Danny Steiner

The monumental rise of New York’s synth-punk trio Crying is no surprise to those who have closely followed the band since their debut EPs, Get Olde, and Second Wind. Their densely synth-layered sound, and power-pop hooks are a breath of fresh air in a time when music can often feel stale. Recently, the band has gained notoriety with the release of their newest album, Beyond the Fleeting Gales.

This new album is Crying’s 2112, carving a place for them in a scene that is plagued by the same old sad song. Beyond the Fleeting Gales represents a subtle, but important shift for Crying. As lead guitarist Ryan explains, the band made an effort to switch from the use of the Gameboy powered software “LSDJ” to more software based synthesizers in writing this new album. Ryan also touched on the new sound stating, “I think it’s definitely an evolution, and not just a complete sharp turn”.

I was able to talk to vocalist Elaiza, and guitarist Ryan on their previous tour with Joyce Manor, and the Hotelier. We covered everything from the disjunctive process of recording the new album, tour life, and why Third Eye Blind was an inspiration for the drum recordings on the new album.


Beyond the Fleeting Gales is available here