Interview: Lol Tolhurst

Interview: Lol Tolhurst

Danny Steiner

Anyone who listens to the radio for even 10 minutes a day has most likely heard a song by the Cure. The Crawley natives have forged for themselves one of the most prolific careers in music, pumping out some of the most revered albums of the 80s and 90s. Recently, founding member, and original drummer of the Cure, Lol Tolhurst, released an autobiography detailing his trials and tribulations in and outside of the band.

As a founding member of the Cure, Lol was there from the beginning and witnessed the band go through various stages of their career. When asked about how the sound of the band took shape, Lol said “Because we were removed from the capital, and living in suburbia, we were much more insular and isolated, so we sort of developed in a different strand which is what became the cure’s sound”.

While the book does focus on Lol’s time with the Cure, Lol had a greater intention behind writing this book, stating, “My whole point in writing the book, yes it’s about the cure, yes its about my relationship with another person. But it’s also about how to navigate life, and lessons I’ve learned from that. That’s what I wanted to pass onto people”.

Recently, Lol and I were able to sit down and discuss his time with Cure, early life in Crawley, and his struggles with addiction, among many other topics.




Cured is out now and can be found here, or wherever books are sold.