Pegboard Nerds


Stephanie Vosicka

To the normal eye any rave or electronic concert just looks like a bunch of sweaty bodies jumping together to the same beat. However to any regular concert go-er, they can see the actual bond that is made between the crowd’s energy and the DJ’s music. Pegboard Nerds are a Danish/Norwegian duo that are anything but new to the scene of dubstep/trap style electronic music. At the stroke of midnight on Halloween weekend, the duo absolutely blew the roof off of Beta Nightclub in Denver.

Their opening song Blackout immediately got the crowd excited with the fog machine on once the chorus hit. True Pegboard Nerds fans wearing the duo’s hockey style jersey’s or not, were instantly hooked with some of their older tunes like New Style and their more recent tracks like Swamp Thing, Weaponize, Deep In The Night and a few of the tracks off of their EP Pink Cloud. Considering it was that spoopy time of the season, the duo also played their track Luigi’s Mansion, which was released last Halloween. It was very clear that the energy in the club also got the DJs excited since one of them, Alex Odden, came out into the crowd multiple times to dance as well as crowd surf while Michael Parsberg held down the fort.

Considering this was only Pegboard Nerd’s one of two chances that they got to perform as the headliner, outside of their partnered tour with the Seven Lions, Beta Nightclub was surely a boost to their confidence.

After the concert I was able to get an interview with the Pegboard Nerds and ask them about the concert, their partnership with the Canadian label “Monstercat”, and what lies ahead for their new upcoming music. Feel free to listen to the podcast online on Soundcloud or download it, in the iTunes podcast store. Just search for KCSU Music and subscribe!

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