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Raven Rundown – Jenny Owen Youngs


Active since:



3 Albums

Last released material:

Sadly she has not released new music since her third album came out in 2012, hopefully she puts something new out soon!

Why she’s awesome:

Her music is a great mix of sounds, each album feels both very different from the others yet still very much recognizably her.  The listener can map her progress as an artist easily across her three albums, from the twangy girl with a guitar vibes of the first, to the matured and sadder tone of the second, to the confident and at times haunting sound of the third.  None of her music sounds stereotypical, there is always an aspect of interest to be found in every song.

Album to start with:

Transmitter Failure (2010) –This is her second album, but it is a good place to start since it is on this album that it feels to the listener like she is truly finding her footing as an artist.  It serves as a connecting point between her other albums.  One can move backward or forward in her catalog from here and still feel sure of who she is as an artist.

Songs to start with:

Coyote from Batten the Hatches (2007) –an excellent example of her early work

Last Person from Transmitter Failure (2010) –a great upbeat song from her sophomore effort

Love for Long from An Unwavering Band of Light (2012) –a rousing Bonnie and Clyde invoking tune