FoCoMX Review: Meena Rezaei


FoCoMX Logo 2015


Artist: The Covz

     I walk into Hodi’s and was welcomed by ambient Christmas lights and The Covz providing the perfect mellow-beach rock to groove to. All the members were dressed to the nines; with bow ties and slacks to match the old school microphone they brought on stage with them. These boys clearly cared about their presentation and it went really well with the nostalgia that exuded from their music. The music itself was incredible, giving a beach-punk romantic vibe. Each song had its own characteristic but they all followed the pattern of very smooth, almost quiet, introductions that led to deep drops, bringing back all feelings of heartache you’ve ever experienced in your life (in a good way). The members balanced out this semi-nostalgic mood by providing some hilariously corny jokes for the audience. Overall, it seemed like all the boys in the Covz have a passion for playing the music they do. They clearly put a lot of effort into their performance and they did an excellent job providing some mellow music to start off FoCoMX with.