FoCoMX Review: Lia Conger


FoCoMX Logo 2015


Band: Holdfast

The Saturday of FocoMX, April 23, the rock trio HoldfastHoldfast held down the vibes at the Downtown Artery. Although the group is young, Charlie, Michael and Tommy blend their talents and had the audience entranced by their vocalist’s strong voice and synced up movements. While walking in, the crowd is small but the ambiance is high. Imagine walking into a low-light garage and sitting in the doorway while looking out into a blue sky in your favorite chair, with a flood of mid-afternoon light and wind flowing through. I was able to sit less than 10 feet way from the stage; the small crowd, in addition to the garage feels, gave an intimate feel to the band. You usually don’t get to see bands in this kind of setting, I would recommend this trio if you’re looking for a small night out with a soft alt rock band.