Review: Aprilis by Seaons


Sean Kennedy

Artist: Seaons

Album: Aprilis

Genre: Indie Rock

Recommended if you like: Led Zeppelin, Fleet Foxes


Get ready for one of the more unique records hitting the indie market today.  Aprilis is a beautifully-constructed mix of songs that spans several different styles of indie rock. In a time when the music termed “indie” has grown increasingly predictable, this record offers a refreshing sense of newness and unknown. While many young bands like to claim that they have a sound all their own, Seaons stands apart as one of the few groups who legitimately don’t sound like any other act.

In what sounds like an indie band playing dress-up as a progressive rock group, Seaons offer their own flavor of music while building off the traits that made indie bands popular to begin with. From driving riffs and atmospheric piano lines to sweeping choruses and haunting acoustic moments, Aprilis offers the full gamut as a breath of fresh air in the indie market.

Recommended Tracks: March, Aprilis Fields, The Full