Night Beds: IVYWILD


Mimi Hibben

Artist: Night Beds

Album: Ivywild

Genre: Alternative R&B

Recommended if you like: The Weeknd, Youth Lagoon


With sound similarities relating to Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, Colorado Springs natives Winston Yellen and Abe Yellen of the newer band Night Beds take the album Ivywild to an all new fusion of PBR&B and Americana music. Inspired by artists such as James Blake, Flying Lotus and the Weeknd, the Yellen’s were able to create this album relying heavily on vocals and an array of different instrumentals.

In 2012, the band came out with their very first EP, Every Fire; Every Joy, experimenting heavily with indie-folk. Songs like “Lorraine” and “Forest Devil” were just examples using the combination of powerful vocals with a backdrop of toe-tapping instrumentals. As 2103 approached, Night Beds came out with a few singles, ultimately releasing their first full-length album Country Sleep. This album was based more around country inspired music, which Winston Yellen later admits in an interview that the album wasn’t his musical ‘bread and butter’. So, after moving back and forth between Los Angeles and Nashville gaining inspiration, Night Beds finally came out with an album that got everyone buzzing. Ivywild is a perfect collaboration of electro-pop and alt-R&B, a mixture of genres that has completely morphed their heavy indie-folk base into an utter dream of music.

The songs “Corner”, “I Give It” and “Love Streams” are only a few out of the many on this new album that have expressed this newly found genre the band has created. It has exceeded not only the expectations of Night Beds themselves, but also the following they have created through their experimental sounds.

So if you’re ever in the mood to experience a new angle of R&B, Ivywild by Night Beds is the album to listen to.