Review: One Day This Will All Make Sense by The Covz


Kalyn Bessert

Review: One Day This Will All Make Sense by The Covz

By Kalyn Bessert

Artist: The Covz

Album: One Day This Will All Make Sense

Genre: Sad Boy Indie Rock

Recommended if you like: U2, (Early) Coldplay, Bon Iver

Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions, local band The Covz are here with their debut album and laid their hearts on the table for all. Reminiscent of atmospheric shows in lonely bars, this album relates to all that you want to hear when you need a dosage of reality and a drink. Since their first EP, Cliché, The Covz have really developed and explored their sound, further settling into their ethereal atmospheric feel that sounds how waves look, heartache ballads still included.

Brace yourself for an album that explores brash breakdowns, moments of determination, and the ever questionable feeling of love. If you’re into U2 or the early vibes of Coldplay, think The Blue Room EP or Parachutes, then this album is definitely for you.

Recommended tracks: No Stranger to Love, Novocaine, Breakdown, High Road