Mike Love at the ARISE Music Festival

Mike Love

Mike Love

The following is a piece from our KCSU DJ Michael Wells, reporting live from the ARISE Music Festival this weekend:

As one of the first acts to perform for the Arise Music Festival, Mike Love grooved his way onto the stage in extravagant Loveland, CO. Love is a unique act that blends many different styles, including blues and more prominently reggae. On stage by himself, Love uses a myriad of pedals and loopers to let his creativity ring. Before his act today Mike generously gave KCSU a look into his musical, personal, and philosophical lifestyle.

Discussing his childhood growing up in Oahu, Hawaii, Love stated that “[He] grew up with all kinds of music, there is all kinds of culture there. In high school we used to listen to a lot of rock music, but I have just been into so many types of music. In a way Hawaii is isolated but really it isn’t “. As he grew, he began to learn music, starting with classical piano. Living in a family full of musicians it was easy to make this transition into music. Speaking of his father’s early influences Love said that “When I was little he introduced me to Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd…but you know as a kid I wasn’t really in to that stuff, ya know, because I couldn’t understand the deeper lyrical meanings, but looking now they are some of my favorite recording artists of all time!”

Arise has been going on for three years now, and Mike Love has become a mainstay. There were many fan-goers who said that they were solely here to see Mike Love. “The music…it just opens people up, and just opens up people to connect” explained Love in regards to how he connects to fans. As Arise has grown so have the acts that perform each year. Mike Love is an artist who has performed with the likes of Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson, so how does this low-key festival in Loveland stack up? “It’s an awesome festival, I love festivals like this,” Love said. “Even sometimes smaller festivals, like this, can be really really intense,” he continued. The festival as a whole has really been an experience for Love as he enjoys the Eco-friendliness of the festivals coordinators and the consciousness of the people around. We both shared our enjoyment for the yoga tent, which certainly was a treat.

Mike’s continuing career is ever expanding and will be one to watch in the future. As the looping and acoustic genre is expanding with artists like Eric Huthinson and Ed Sheeran, Love is certain to find a place within this realm.


– Written by Michael Wells