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ARISE Music Festival: Through the Eyes of Two DJs

ARISE Festival Review article

The following is a review of the ARISE Music Festival by DJs Alex Gumper and Michael Wells:

As you first step onto the almost 50-acre plot of land at Sunrise Ranch, the first thing that hits your eyes is the tent city that takes up most of the area. I was amazed at just how many people came out to the Arise Music festival. This was held in a three day span, and if you are the type of person looking to come across new and exciting experiences, this is the place for you. The lineup mostly consisted of alternative rock/folk bands – groups that either sing about letting go of the daily troubles we all face, or songs enabling us to step into our inner happiness. Though I am not one who usually listens to music of this nature, I truly can say that I enjoyed the music as a whole. It gave me great senses of hope, and happiness that the life we live in is a beautiful thing. I was truly quite amazed at how much happiness this worry free music festival provided for its customers. Not a single person was to be found without a smile on their face, or a dance in their step.

The local artwork exhibited at the festival was also quite interesting. Scattered throughout the ranch property were art galleries that were free for everyone to experience and enjoy. Beautiful colors that stimulate the minds attention were a staple to many of the beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Though this festival was mainly directed towards the adults, children were certainly welcomed. They were even provided their own miniature village where they could go play and experience the company of other children their age.

Not everyone is used to this festival camping but once you’ve experienced it firsthand, you will realize why it’s done. Greetings are also different than what some may be used to. Put those clammy hands away because there are no handshakes here, only the connection of hug can be found. As you do a 360 turn you are guaranteed to see a hula-hoop, dreadlocks, and what may or may not have been a dog on stilts. It all seems like you are lost in dream the Dr. Seuss had. But boy is it exhilarating.

Traversing through the uneven terrain you are never at a loss when searching for something interesting. As you continue on the grounds to the festival, more and more unique vendors are out there advertising to grow the brand of their budding business. One tent offers natural grown coffee, while others offer body art, henna tattoos, and personalized

The biggest, and most astonishing feature of the festival is the complete and utter eco consciousness of the entirety of the festival goers. Parking passes made from recycled seeds, compost tents every 30 feet, and trash bags given to every person who enters. It is harder to litter than it is to rob a bank. And nobody thinks anything about it. This is what the culture of the festival is all about.

Culturally, this festival stands out amongst the masses. It has set itself apart from the newest EDM festivals such as Tomorrow Land and EDC. With three years under its belt, the next Arise Festival will be great. If you are in what was my shoes, I would definitely recommend experiencing it for yourself. I guarantee you will not find a shortage of adventure and entertainment at a festival like this.


-Written by Alex Gumper and Michael Wells