Weekly News Roundup: May 15, 2015


Olivia Smith

This is your weekly news roundup for the week of May 11th-15th, 2015.

Just two weeks after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, another struck eastern Nepal this week. At least another 48 people died in the second quake, adding to the already-devastating death total of 8,000 who died in the first earthquake. Relief helicopters are travelling to the hardest-hit areas. One such U.S. helicopter was reported missing on Tuesday. 8 people were on board that helicopter.

New developments yesterday about what happened to cause an Amtrak train to crash in Philadelphia this week. Dashboard film shows the train accelerating into the corner, eventually reaching 106 miles per hour. The engineer on board attempted to engage the emergency brake, but it was too late to stop the train, which barrelled off the tracks injuring over 200 and killing 8. While he agreed to be interviewed, the engineer’s lawyer has reported that his client has no recollection whatsoever of the crash Tuesday night.

B.B. King, legendary blues guitarist, passed away Thursday evening at the age of 89. Over his career, he received 15 Grammy Awards, a Presidential Medal of the Arts and Medal of Freedom, honorary doctorates from Yale and Brown, and inductions into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. King – and his guitar Lucille – had spread a love of music for over 70 years.

8 men were arrested in Fort Collins Wednesday for their involvement in soliciting prostitution. Each man was booked on charges of soliciting and patronizing a prostitute. This is just the latest in a series of prostitution stings in Fort Collins, which resulted in the arrests of 10 men in April as well.

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