Weekly News Roundup: March 27, 2015


Here’s your weekly news roundup for the week of March 23rd to March 27th.

Details are still being investigated after a plane crash this week which left all 150 persons on board dead. The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 is believed to be intentional. Based on audio recordings, it appears the flight’s co-pilot locked out the chief pilot when the chief pilot exited the cockpit. The co-pilot then intentionally initiated the descent which resulted in the crash in the French Alps. An investigation of the co-pilots home resulted in the discovery of a ripped medical leave note; the note did not specify what illness it was regarding.

At least 19 people were injured in a building collapse in the East Village Thursday. Private contractors were working on the gas system in the building when a fire erupted. While firefighters were attempting to quell the flames, an explosion occurred and the building collapsed. Eleven people remain hospitalized at this time and 6 people are still unaccounted for.

Big news for fans of the UK boy band One Direction this week – member Zayn Malik has announced his decision to quit the band. In a subsequent statement, Malik said that he is already working on a solo album. The remaining four members have said they intend to continue as a four-piece, though they are “sad to see Zayn go.”

Today is the deadline for the state of Colorado to respond to a filing regarding its pot law. The filing comes from Oklahoma and Nebraska, who say that the legalization of recreational marijuana has resulted in massive increases of the drug across state borders. Three other lawsuits, all from within Colorado, have also been filed since the initial challenge. The case is due to the United States Supreme Court.

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