Weekly News Roundup: February 27, 2015


Here’s your Weekly News Roundup for the week of February 23rd – February 27th.

In a landmark decision on Thursday the 26th, members of the Federal Communication Commission passed a measure to protect net Neutrality. The new laws, which Chairman Tom Wheeler says will apply to mobile devices, ban blocking and throttling of the Internet and reclassify it as a public utility. The ACLU’s legislative council praised the measure, saying, “This is a victory for free speech, plain and simple.”

Lupita Nyong’o made a splash at the Oscars Sunday the 22nd in a pearl dress, whose value was estimated at over $150,000. The dress, which featured over 6,000 pearls, was subsequently stolen from the actress’ hotel room in West Hollywood. An investigation began Wednesday to recover the garment, and police say they are currently looking into closed circuit security tapes.

A British Islamic State militant involved in a number of brutal beheadings, previously known by the moniker ‘Jihadi John’, has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi. The 27-year-old man is a native of Kuwait who grew up in London. After appearing in a number of ISIS hostage-beheading videos, some who had met Emwazi were able to recognize and identify him to the Washington Post. According to Business Insider, “Thousands of Westerners are thought to have traveled to the Middle East to join Islamist groups.”

“Llamas” was a trending topic on Twitter on Thursday the 26th after two therapy llamas escaped from an assisted living facility. Police and animal control in Sun City, Arizona spent nearly an hour chasing the escapees, but were eventually able to wrangle the two llamas. Over 220,000 tweets were shared on the topic.

Vision experts and laymen alike are baffled by a post on Tumblr from Thursday night which features a dress which seems to change color. A BuzzFeed quiz gathered that about three quarters of respondents saw the dress as white and gold, although other photographs and an online catalog clearly identify it as blue and black. Vision expert Dr. Jay Neitz told Vice Magazine, “Now I’m going to spend the rest of my life working on this. I thought I was going to cure blindness, but now I guess I’ll do this.”


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