Mountain Standard Time Interview


KCSU sat down with Nick and Zach of Mountain Standard Time, the self titled “free-grass” band from Nederland, CO, on the Mulberry mountain during Wakarusa where we discussed Colorado, music, and love.

2014 was MST’s fourth Wakarusa, they said that they felt very humbled when it comes to festivals. There is so much talent to be found at a festival, so they always have the opportunity to learn and grow as a band. Festivals like Wakarusa, also provide a chance for bands like MST to gain new fans. They are challenged to grab that person just walking by or someone looking to waste time until the next show. Festivals are an eye-opening experience for artist and listener alike and one of the major reasons that they are different then any other kind of show.

MST was excited to discuss their recent Kickstarter success. Right before Wakarusa they had completed a Kickstarter that provided them the funds to be able to make their own studio. With the time constraints of touring and the high cost of studio time they have not been able to record as much as they would like. The new studio will allow them to record the huge amount of material they have. So look forward to more much more from Mountain Standard Time in the future.

Check out the track below and see their website for more info.