Review: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside — Untamed Beast

Review: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside -- Untamed Beast

Alex Hall

Paste Magazine called her a “lost librarian,” but Sallie Ford shouldn’t be giving you overdue book notices anytime soon, for two reasons. The first is her venom on Untamed Beast is frightening, surprising, and satisfying. As her fantastic band stomps around from one track to the next, Ford spits lines that makes one shiver (especially on “Shivers”), and her vitriol is only cut by her sensitivity to the listener’s feelings and emotions. If there is one band in recent months that has had their fingers perched on your heartstrings, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside is it. The second is because of her success, Ford should not have to worry about looking for another job. The way the whole band sounds, they should be recording albums for many years to come.


  • Released Feb. 19th, 2013
  • Highlights include “Bad Boys,” Shivers,” and “They Told Me”
  • The band, southern-sounding as they are, are based out of Portland
  • They are touring with another KCSU favorite, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down