Review: Jamie Lidell — Jamie Lidell

Review: Jamie Lidell -- Jamie Lidell

Alex Hall

There was a compilation of electronic music the record label Warp released many years ago, and on the cover was a robot reclining in a chair listening to music through his headphones. That image describes many of Warp’s bands: stationary, subtle, head music. Not so for Jamie Lidell, a Nashville musician signed with Warp, as his brand of electronic is all about movement and freaking the funk out. Channeling Parliament and Bobby Brown, tracks like “I’m Selfish” and “In Your Mind” inspire dance, no matter where you are. Be careful if you’re listening to this record in the library or other public place, since people may look at you funny doing the moonwalk past their table.


  • Released Feb. 18th, 2013
  • Highlights include “I’m Selfish,” “Do Yourself a Faver,” and “Why_Ya_Why:
  • Lidell, although living in Nashville, is originally from England
  • He has collaborated with artists like Simian Mobile Disco, with whom he cowrote the song “Put Your Hands Together” off their last album Unpatterns