Guided By Voices – “The Bears for Lunch”

Alex Hall

A week or two ago I wrote about A Fine Frenzy’s album “Pines,” the third record she’s released since her debut in 2007. Today I have another third record for you: Guided By Voices’ “The Bears for Lunch.” However, while “Pines” is A Fine Frenzy’s third album to date, “The Bears for Lunch” is the third album GBV have released this year. Crazy, I know, but after the Dayton, Ohio band broke up in 2004 and then reformed with their “classic” lineup of the mid-nineties, they’ve been unusually productive. Although a GBV album usually has around 18-20 songs on it (“The Bears for Lunch” being no different), they are hardly formulaic. Robert Pollard’s songs rock, Tobin Sprout’s roll, and the entire band have something unique to bring to every one of them.