Review: Ty Segall — Twins

Review: Ty Segall -- Twins

Alex Hall

Ty Segall in the anaphase stage of mitosis
Ty Segall in the anaphase stage of mitosis

If you weren’t able to catch Ty Segall’s performance at the GNU Gallery last week, you’re in luck, because the next best thing dropped Tuesday, Segall’s sixth LP “Twins.” I canvassed the station to find an appropriate title for theCaliforniarocker; the two most accurate I heard were “Garage Majal” and “The Overlord of Overload.” Segall’s brand of fuzz might not be for everyone, but it will definitely provoke and excite some sort of sensibility, especially if the words “guitar freakout” bring a smile to your face.


  • Released October 9
  • Segall’s last album, Goodbye Bread, released last year to critical acclaim
  • The Ty Segall band released the album Slaughterhouse earlier this year
  • Segall has released six albums on seven labels

Listen: “Handglams”