Daphni -- JIAOLONG

Alex Hall

If you look closely, you can see Michael Cera's outline.
If you look closely, you can see Michael Cera’s outline.

Caribou is from Ontario. So is Manitoba. Now, Daphni is too. They are all pet bands headed by Dan Snaith, a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and doctor of mathematics who toured with Radiohead this year. Caribou isn’t really the thing you’d play in a discotheque, but Daphni unequivocally and absolutely is. “JIAOLONG” is a 9-song swath of vaguely ethnic club beats, laid down in parts like thick syrup and lifted in others like angel food cake. This inconsistency makes it seem like it wouldn’t be too fun to listen to, but you’d be wrong. This record is as fun as it is challenging.

  • Released October 16
  • Snaith has his PhD in mathematics from Imperial College London
  • This is Daphni’s first LP, but the project has been active since 2011
  • Caribou’s 2010 album Swim marked a change from psychedelic pop to deep house and minimal techno

Listen: “Yes I Know”