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Underwriting KCSU FM

Underwriting at 90.5 KCSU is a great, low-cost way to get the word out about your business or event while supporting KCSU. Your underwriting spots help support students learning broadcast techniques, as well as our rotation of DJs throughout the semesters.

For more information, including current underwriting rates, download our Rate Card or contact Jacob Johnson at or Hannah Copeland at


Produced Underwriting 

Pre-Recorded Produced Underwriting

Your message includes:

  • up to 30 seconds that includes consistent sound when played on air and often music

Cost: $15 per play 

      Pre-Produced Underwriting Sample

Live Read

A message includes:

  • up to 30 seconds, read live by one of KCSU’s trained DJ’s

$5 per read

Show Sponsorship

Your message includes:

  • A trained KCSU DJ will mention your organization 4-6 times per hour. Shows are generally 2 hours

Cost: $30 per hour

Concert Calendar Sponsorship

Your message includes:

  • Each weekday, KCSU announces a concert happening in Fort Collins during drive time at 5 p.m.
  • We will thank you for your sponsorship and announce your services before and after the calendar

Cost: $15 per day

      Listen to a Concert Calendar Sample

KCSU Newscast Sponsorship

  • Each weekday at 9 a.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 7 p.m., KCSU reads a 3-minute newscast about happenings in the Fort Collins listening area.
  • We will thank your organization for your support at the end of a newscast of your choice and announce your services in a 5-second message

Cost: $15 per newscast

      Listen to a Newscast Sample


Public Service Announcement (PSA)

  • KCSU will help write, produce and air a PSA audio spot that will run on air at least once a day for a minimum of three months

Cost: $25 per production plays are free

      Listen To A PSA Sample


Bulk buys can be applied to any total buy on an underwriting and/or service package

  • Spend $200-$500: 15% off
  • Spend $501-$1,000: 25% off
  • Spend $1,000 or more: 40% off

Other Great Deals!

  • CSU Affiliated Organizations: 50%
  • Not for Profit Organizations: 30%
  • Semester long show or Concert Calendar Sponsorship: 30%

CSU Women’s Volleyball Sponsorshipkcsu-volleyball-photo2016

Sponsor the exclusive broadcast of CSU Women’s Volleyball

Cost: $500

Sponsorship includes:

  • announcements throughout 18 home games, 2 road games, and NCAA tournament.
  • minimum of 4 announcements each week prior to the game.

Other Services

KCSU Event Sponsorship

KCSU considers sponsoring events that involve new music, local music, college student services and more.

  • Media Trades: Host organization and KCSU trade equal amounts of publicity including underwriting announcements, print materials and other creative media methods.
  • Ticket Giveaways: Host of an event may donate tickets to be given away by KCSU on-air or online. KCSU will mention the purpose of event for up to 30-seconds with each giveaway. Cost is negotiable

Rent Production Studio

  • The KCSU production studio can be rented to conduct interviews, record audio commercials, narration, and many other creative audio services.
  • Our studio has 3 Electro-Voice RE-27 N/D microphones, Adobe Audition CS-6, ISDN connection, Bridge-It connection, two CD players, and a recordable landline telephone.

Cost: $70 per hour, including a studio attendant

Audio Production

KCSU employees will write (if needed) and produce commercials, interviews, PSAs, narration and many other creative audio services.

Cost: $50 per hour

Video Services

  • KCSU can film your event for raw footage or a fully produced video for online or DVD.
  • KCSU reserves the right to post your video on our social media channels unless otherwise agreed upon.


$10 per hour per KCSU employee on site filming

$20 set-up and breakdown

$20 per hour of video editing time

Underwriting Details

  • Air Times: Will try to honor requests for specific airing times, but reserves right to select air time due to technical or schedule limitations.
  • Underwriting Spot Content: May include business names, slogans, brand and trade names and service listings. Cannot include price info, calls to action, or any other language stating or implying favorable comparisons to other businesses.
  • Show Sponsorships: Shows represent music, news or sport themes. Sponsorship includes a live mention of sponsor name at opening of every live break, plus a 5-second explanation of sponsor at closing of every break. Most shows are 2 hours.
  • Concert Calendar: At 5:03 p.m. each day DJ’s read the names of 1-3 local music events happening in our listening area that night. Sponsors have their name mentioned plus a 5-second description of organization at beginning of concert calendar. Offers discounts to sponsors who purchase a consistent day of the week for entire semester.
  • Public Service Announcement: KCSU PSAs are for CSU or Northern Colorado listeners with the objective of raising awareness and changing public attitudes or behaviors toward a social issue. Is not an announcement for a product, service, or event regardless of mission of sponsor organization.