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Gasoline Lollipopsgasolinelollipops.bandcamp.comDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsBoulder Americana Folk Country Rock (PAFCR)Ada Perry4/16/2019 12:04:12
Forestryforestryco.bandcamp.comDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer on instagramWe are an eccentric indie math rock band from Fort Collins, CO that’s all about having fun and playing music for the sake of having a good time. Nick Visocky4/16/2019 12:07:03
Mystic I. Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countymaxarellano11@gmail.com I. Is rapper/singer who creates new wave hip-hop with his unique vocals. All sounds are made in house by producer Samuri in which it could vary from lofi, electronic to trap. Mystic I. Has locally been doing shows in the Fort Collins/Denver area for 5 years now. Max Arellano4/16/2019 12:08:25
Janet Earthi dont have le music 🙁 Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countyannajanella@aol.comn/aI like spacey rock tunes and playing music for other people. I really just like to have a good time playing songs and helping others achieve their music goals!AJ Frankson4/16/2019 12:26:39
Fists of the Proletariat, Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countystephenxgarrison@gmail.comthefists.comOnly through the awesome power of righteous ska will the socialist revolution live on in the hearts of these young adults. Tight horn arrangements and dancing grooves make for a fun show for the working class.Stephen Garrison4/16/2019 12:30:38
Lady Denim, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countynlundeen1997@gmail.com Denim is an indie pop band based out of Fort Collins, CO. We use jazz influences to supplement our indie rock grooves combined with sappy, nostalgic lyrics. Nick Lundeen4/16/2019 13:28:05
Samuri, I produce my tracks on Ableton Live Larimer am producer who makes tracks for local artists, specially for hip hop artists and artists who sing. I am self taught and produce everything on my own. Sam Applehans 4/16/2019 13:29:24
T Brodzinski (Accoustic/Electric)Larimer Countythewhiskeytortoise@gmail.com a solo artist, I play guitar and sing. My focus is strong band music, folk, Americana, bluegrass, harmonies, etcTheresa Brodzinski4/16/2019 13:44:23
Bloomersbloomersbandco.bandcamp.comDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer rock n roll from Fort Collins, CO out to make some noise Nick Visocky4/16/2019 14:15:00
Mitchell James from Fresno, CA, Mitchell James is a seasoned MC who provides fans with a versatile listening experience. A blend of 90’s nostalgia with new wave melodies, Mitchell James’ music continues please the masses.Mitchell Coyle4/16/2019 14:44:56
Wire Faceshttps://wirefaces.bandcamp.comDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countyzweygoat@gmail.com Faces blend elements of new wave, post-punk, afro-beat and experimental rock ‘n’ roll. They also like to partake in the fun.Shane Zweygardt4/16/2019 14:57:27
Glissline Countytom@tommetzmedia.comhttps://glissline.comGlissline is Colorado based abstract electronic producer Tom Metz. He has performed alongside many international acts including Phantogram, Max Tundra, Ulrich Schnauss, Black Moth Super Rainbow and Starfucker. Tom Metz4/16/2019 20:03:03
Boulder Bassoon Quartet and County of Broomfieldbrianjack1138@gmail.comboulderbassoons.comProfessional bassoonists, playing together since 2006. Wide variety of genres; music from 1700s to 2019.Brian Jack4/17/2019 22:46:23
Cactus Cat, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Vocals, Woodwind, UkeleleLarimer Countycactuscatband@gmail.comhttp://www.cactuscatband.comConsisting of an unhinged saxophone, lush double vocals, dreamy guitar, chunky ukulele, exploratory bass, and deep-in-the-pocket drums, Cactus Cat has their roots in instrumental surf rock but have slowly gone off the rails into the self-described realm of adventure rock. Aaron Varnell4/19/2019 9:28:22
Silver And Smoke, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Vocals, WoodwindArapahoe Countysilverandsmokeband@gmail.com 2015, Silver And Smoke has been blazing a trail in a genre they’ve coined as “Western Rock.” The quartet have a variety of influences, including: blues, classic rock, soul, folk, country, punk, bluegrass, jazz, and classical - making their music one fiery combination.Dino Ianni4/22/2019 15:26:46
Soon To Be Titans, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countymanagement@soontobetitans.com*FWe are a semblance of tried yet anxious musicians, who endeavor to emulate the grandeur of popular experience while challenging the conventions of its expression. Alternative, Prog, Classical, Grunge... You'll find a bit of everything on your journey to Titan.Matthew Adams4/23/2019 23:21:28
Lois and the Lantern (Accoustic/Electric), Strings, Vocals, BanjoLarimer Countylois@loisandthelantern.comhttp://www.loisandthelantern.comLois and the Lantern not your typical string band. Made up of 4 women, sexed-up banjo, punk-laced mandolin riffs, funky bass uke, and driving folk-grass guitar are the foundation. Add layers of vocal harmonies, story-driven lyrics, and a splash of bourbon. Listen. Repeat.Theresa Brodzinski 5/4/2019 8:23:26
Señorita Sometimes, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countysenoritasometimes@gmail.comhttp://Www.senoritasometimes.comFemale fronted 90's rock band that formed in 2015 in Fort Collins.Stacy Sevelin5/27/2019 12:07:47
Places Back Home (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsDouglas Countycstover1996@comcast.net rock band from Fort Collins.Collin Stover5/27/2019 12:19:26
Easy Lovin'Check out Easy Lovin' on #SoundCloud, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsJefferson Countyeasylovinmanagement@gmail.comhttp://www.easylovinmusic.comWe are a 3-piece psychedelic rock outfit from Lakewood! Our songs are blues inspired with catchy vocals. We are loud and like to have fun!Ethan Lovell5/27/2019 12:42:37
Night, Champ, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer CountyNightCommaChamp@gmail.com, Champ is a local Fort Collins surfy dreamy rock band. Our first self titled EP was released in February and can be listened to on nearly all music plateforms including Spotify and ITunes.Jacob Robinson5/27/2019 16:10:22
Two Faces West, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsCity and County of Broomfieldtwofaceswest@gmail.com"Crankin' electric rock n’ blues".. TFW is described as a fiery blend of rock & blues, which focuses on the roots of blues while expressing its core in pure rock’n’roll, and topping it off with a touch of funk to create a versatile and distinctive Colorado sound.Mick Knudsen5/28/2019 7:27:18
safekeeper, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countymousehousefoco@gmail.com, abrasive songs for sad, abrasive people.Zachary Visconti5/28/2019 11:23:25
Grace Kuch Band, Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countygracekuchmusic@gmail.com smooth, groovin' blues band based out of Fort Collins. The Grace Kuch Band has been playing events and festivals across the region and beyond. Including Bohemian Nights at New West Fest, Greeley Blues Jam, FoCoMX and The King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas.Grace Kuch5/28/2019 16:16:32
Slow Caves, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countyslowcaves@gmail.com rock band, Slow Caves, formed in Fort Collins, Colorado. Consisting of Danish-American brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller and their childhood friend David Dugan. They've opened for national acts Third Eye Blind, Cake, Rooney, DIIV, Cold War Kids, and Modest Mouse. David Dugan5/29/2019 1:10:16
My Dog Ate Chad, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/SynthLarimer Countymydogatechad@gmail.com alt-rock band My Dog Ate Chad brings together indie and grunge, balancing the edginess of metal with the melodic,dreamy feel of folk. My Dog Ate Chad5/29/2019 12:51:45
Matan Birnbaum Countymatanbirnbaum@gmail.com play keys in My Dog Ate Chad, the Grace Kuch Band, People in General, and Grunt McNaldo.Matan Birnbaum5/29/2019 13:01:56
Taylor Shae (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsBoulder Countytshaemusic@gmail.com Shae is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Colorado performing bluesy-Americana music. She performs at Colorado festivals and venues with her duo, mixing acoustic guitar, untamed bass, electric guitar, and soul-wired vocals for an energetic groove.Taylor Sandal5/29/2019 13:32:40
Black Moon Howl, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsBoulder Countyblackmoonhowlband@gmail.comhttps://www.blackmoonhowl.comIndie Psych Blues RockSteve Jones5/29/2019 14:21:05
Professor Fox's One Man Band, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsBoulder Countyprofessorfoxband@gmail.comhttp://www.professorfoxband.comRoots RockSteve Jones5/29/2019 14:24:00
Stilted, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countystiltedband@gmail.com Osenenko6/6/2019 14:02:41
Kind Dub, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, Vocals, DJ/Vinyl Larimer Countykinddubrecords@gmail.com Dub performs high-energy, conscious hip hop with a message that resonates with multiple demographics. We focus on supporting and combining local musicians, artists, businesses, and community. We also run a recording studio & video production company in Fort Collins.Cory Clarke5/30/2019 17:26:55
Tv Boy, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countytvboyband@gmail.com'm the lead singer and I play guitar. The band's vision is lo-fi surf inspired rock/pop. Sam Hernandez6/9/2019 7:55:22
Sharp Circles, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countysharpcirclesband@gmail.com Circles came together over their mutual love of energetic music and social activism, honing their sound over years in a Ft Collins basement and incorporating each band member's unique influences. Their high-energy show captures the improvisational spirit of punk rock.Andrew Schweitzer6/19/2019 18:31:50
The Orange MountainTheOrangeMountain.comDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsJefferson Countyglennkastner@q.com and Coral Kastner make up the Brother/Sister Band from Conifer, Co.
They’re taste for music crosses many genres and generations. Levi creates backing tracks playing multiple instruments and vocals while Coral provides lead vocals giving them a full band sound.
Levi & Coral Kastner 6/24/2019 6:55:18
Luna Shade, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countylunashademusic@gmail.comhttp://Www.lunashademusic.comWe are a modern Reggae band from Fort Collins, CO! With crunchy lines and a riddem to sway we are sure to bring a vibe everyone can groove too!Andrew Ricci Kroening6/28/2019 13:48:28
OC / IC - hop / rapLarimer Countystrndmusicx333mgmt@gmail.comN/AJust a pretty swell guy from north side of chicago, just recently moved to CO. Just performed at his first show at FOCOmx 11. Currently working on the 1st album, hopefully will drop in October. More music videos this summer.Ashante Walker - Morgan6/28/2019 16:16:15
Spliff Tank, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countythesplifftank@gmail.com Tank creates a unique blend of garage rock, new wave melodies and high paced psych-punk. Composed of Brian Dickey, Jack Moffett, Ryan Tooley, and Michael Neale; Spliff Tank formed in July of 2018 and is now gaining speed in 2019 with a dynamic set list. Spliff Tank7/1/2019 19:08:33
The Timberline, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countythetimberlinemusic@gmail.com out of Fort Collins, Colorado, The Timberline is a modern rock band with pop-punk influences who have shared the stage with incredible acts such as DREAMERS and Rick Springfield. Band Members: Terran Hause, Aaron Crownover, Clint Petrun and Mike Boschert.7/10/2019 15:34:17
Remus Tucker Band, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countymanagement@remustucker.comhttps://www.remustucker.comGuitar driven southern rock/outlaw country.7/15/2019 8:37:55
Aberdeen, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countybenjamin@artistservicesnashville.com to writing "Let Goodbye Have the Last Say," we were both solo artists. There was just a chemistry and a “magic” in the air when we recorded it, and we just felt we were meant to be a duo. From there we set out to write our debut EP produced by Kent Wells.Benjamin Dufresne7/24/2019 15:01:11
Kate (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countykburge@colostate.eduN/aI was raised with a variety of world music flooding my ears, but I’m drawn mostly to jazz, funk, blues, and anything with a notable groove and strong vocals.Kate Burgess9/9/2019 12:34:53 (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer favorite interracial couple combining elements of electronic and live music while reppin dope outfits on stage. Cheyenne Duba9/16/2019 14:21:30
Remus Tucker Band, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countymanagement@remustucker.comhttps://www.remustucker.comGuitar driven southern rock/outlaw country7/15/2019 8:37:55
Aberdeen, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countybenjamin@artistservicesnashville.com to writing "Let Goodbye Have the Last Say," we were both solo artists. There was just a chemistry and a “magic” in the air when we recorded it, and we just felt we were meant to be a duo. From there we set out to write our debut EP produced by Kent Wells.Benjamin Dufresne7/24/2019 15:01:11
Kate (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countykburge@colostate.eduN/aI was raised with a variety of world music flooding my ears, but I’m drawn mostly to jazz, funk, blues, and anything with a notable groove and strong vocals.Kate Burgess9/9/2019 12:34:53 (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer favorite interracial couple combining elements of electronic and live music while reppin dope outfits on stage Cheyenne Duba9/16/2019 14:21:30
Sugar Britches, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Vocals, pedal steelLarimer Countysugarbritchesmusic@gmail.comhttp://www.sugarbritchesmusic.comSugar Britches are the dynamic duo of Brian Johanson and Josh Long, singing high-brow Honky Tonk with eclectic guitar stylings and clever lyrics. They have released their first album, Don't Make Her a Mixtape Yet You Idiot in 2019 and continue to tour and write.Brian Johanson11/8/2019 8:02:20
Shovelin Stone, Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), BanjoAdams Countyshovelinstonemusic@gmail.com heartfelt lyrics and a unique musical composition, the folk sound that projects from these two is not only going to get the audience thinking but on their feet. The road is winding but one thing is for sure that with these two at the wheel it's going to be a wild rideZak Thrall11/8/2019 8:20:11
the red scare, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countyquinnmiller520@gmail.com red scare aims to create an environment in which listeners feel a grave sense of fear, while simultaneously invoking warmthQuinn Miller 11/8/2019 8:47:30
The Orange MountainTheorangemountain.comBrass, Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, Strings, VocalsJefferson, Levi, am mostly a guitarist but also do the drums, bass, keyboard, and everything else. My sister does vocals and we love to collaborate with other musicians.Levi Kastner11/8/2019 8:58:22
White Rose Motor Oil, Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsJefferson CountyWhiteRoseMotorOil@gmail.com“White Rose Motor Oil embraces classic country roots and combines them with pop-fueled beats...Upbeat...catchy pop-country...begs you to tap your feet and dance along.” - 303 MagazineKeith Hoerig11/8/2019 9:32:53
13 Nails, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer rock band from Fort Collins, that likes to have fun. A Rob Zombie meets Motorhead mix of styles and energy. John Lambert11/8/2019 10:47:34
Sick Trick, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer Countysicktrickfoco@gmail.comhttp://www.sicktrickfoco.comSick Trick is an Alternative Rock three piece from Fort Collins, CO. Sick Trick is not held responsible for lost or stolen property. Sick Trick likes musicJeff Birdsall11/8/2019 14:42:18
The New Creepthenewcreep.bandcamp.comDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsJefferson Whole. "The Best Thang Smokin'!"Lucas Baroody11/11/2019 21:12:25
The Scones, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, Vocals, Woodwind, BanjoDelta CountyScones@sconesmusic.comhttps://sconesmusiccom.wordpress.comThe Scones perform original rock/americana with lots of harmony and are super danceable. Have opened for Joe Cocker, Lyle Lovett, Subdudes, and many more. Been on the indie charts in UK consistently in 2018 & 2019.Rick Stockton11/12/2019 9:38:26
Oxeye Daisy, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsCity and County Denverbooking@oxeyedaisymusic.com Daisy is a dream grunge band from Denver, CO. Led by vocal power house Lela Roy, the band brings '90s nostalgia to the present day garnering comparisons to The Cranberries and Cocteau Twins among others. Kori Hazel 11/18/2019 9:55:04
Robert Shredford, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countyrobertshredford@gmail.com Shredford is a surf rock party from a coastless state. Named after an actor your mom probably loves, the band creates dreamy harmonies while playing dangerously catchy hooks inspired by '60s garage rock and has shared the stage with the likes of La Luz and King Tuff.Jessi Reed11/18/2019 13:08:06
Big Dopes, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, Strings, VocalsCity and County Denverbigdopesbooking@gmail.com Dopes channels the lighthearted, loose feel of 90s alternative. Lead songwriter Eddie Schmid uses a warm baritone to sing through everyday neuroses. Ricky Brewer and Justin Catanzaro add subtle rhythmic textures. Paul Simmons lends colorful violin, guitar, and synth. Eddie Schmid11/18/2019 14:49:20
Home Fried Boogaloo, Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countyhomefriedboogaloo@gmail.comhttps://homefriedboogaloo.comHome Fried Boogaloo has served up funk flavored with Jazz, Soul, R&B, Boogaloo, and Go Go from their home base in Fort Collins, Colorado since 2014.Dale Kern11/18/2019 23:19:04
Lady Gang, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsAdams Countyladygangbooking@gmail.comhttp://www.ladygangmusic.comLady Gang is the award winning solo rock/hip hop project from Denver musician, Jen Korte. A live looping project, she captivates the audience while seamlessly creating complicated compositions looping her guitar, bass, vocals, and beat machine.Jen Krte12/2/2019 14:31:17
Jen Korte & The Loss, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, Strings, VocalsAdams Countyjen.korte@gmail.comhttp://www.jkandtheloss.comJen Korte is guided by the momentum of Americana and Caribbean rhythms, a prowess for distinctively intricate guitar lines, and the grit and power of a Western storm in her voice. Jen Korte12/2/2019 14:33:54
The GooonsDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countythegoooooons@gmail.com are a new musical group based in Fort Collins having played YumYum's a few times, the Colorado Room, house parties, and some how the Aggie in the Summer of 2019. We are just a group of friends finding our sound!Jae Lusk12/8/2019 16:47:42
The Kity Projecthttp://www.thekityprojectmusic.comDrums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, Vocals, MandolinLarimer Countythekityproject@gmail.com Range folkadelic-rock featuring soulful harmonies, infectious melodies and rhythms that beg to be danced.Kimberly Weston12/28/2019 16:34:09