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Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsBoulder Americana Folk Country Rock (PAFCR)Gasoline LollipopsAda Perry4/16/2019 12:04:12
Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer on instagramWe are an eccentric indie math rock band from Fort Collins, CO that’s all about having fun and playing music for the sake of having a good time. ForestryNick Visocky4/16/2019 12:07:03
Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countymaxarellano11@gmail.com I. Is rapper/singer who creates new wave hip-hop with his unique vocals. All sounds are made in house by producer Samuri in which it could vary from lofi, electronic to trap. Mystic I. Has locally been doing shows in the Fort Collins/Denver area for 5 years now. Mystic I. Max Arellano4/16/2019 12:08:25
Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countyi dont have le music 🙁 annajanella@aol.comn/aI like spacey rock tunes and playing music for other people. I really just like to have a good time playing songs and helping others achieve their music goals!Janet EarthAJ Frankson4/16/2019 12:26:39
Brass, Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer County through the awesome power of righteous ska will the socialist revolution live on in the hearts of these young adults. Tight horn arrangements and dancing grooves make for a fun show for the working class.Fists of the ProletariatStephen Garrison4/16/2019 12:30:38
Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer County Denim is an indie pop band based out of Fort Collins, CO. We use jazz influences to supplement our indie rock grooves combined with sappy, nostalgic lyrics. Lady DenimNick Lundeen4/16/2019 13:28:05
Piano/Keyboard/Synth, I produce my tracks on Ableton Live Larimer am producer who makes tracks for local artists, specially for hip hop artists and artists who sing. I am self taught and produce everything on my own. Samuri Sam Applehans 4/16/2019 13:29:24
Guitar (Accoustic/Electric)Larimer County a solo artist, I play guitar and sing. My focus is strong band music, folk, Americana, bluegrass, harmonies, etcT Brodzinski Theresa Brodzinski4/16/2019 13:44:23
Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), VocalsLarimer rock n roll from Fort Collins, CO out to make some noise BloomersNick Visocky4/16/2019 14:15:00
VocalsLarimer County from Fresno, CA, Mitchell James is a seasoned MC who provides fans with a versatile listening experience. A blend of 90’s nostalgia with new wave melodies, Mitchell James’ music continues please the masses.Mitchell JamesMitchell Coyle4/16/2019 14:44:56
Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer Countyhttps://wirefaces.bandcamp.comzweygoat@gmail.com Faces blend elements of new wave, post-punk, afro-beat and experimental rock ‘n’ roll. They also like to partake in the fun.Wire FacesShane Zweygardt4/16/2019 14:57:27
ComputerJefferson County is Colorado based abstract electronic producer Tom Metz. He has performed alongside many international acts including Phantogram, Max Tundra, Ulrich Schnauss, Black Moth Super Rainbow and Starfucker. GlisslineTom Metz4/16/2019 20:03:03
WoodwindCity and County of Broomfield bassoonists, playing together since 2006. Wide variety of genres; music from 1700s to 2019.Boulder Bassoon QuartetBrian Jack4/17/2019 22:46:23
Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Vocals, Woodwind, UkeleleLarimer County of an unhinged saxophone, lush double vocals, dreamy guitar, chunky ukulele, exploratory bass, and deep-in-the-pocket drums, Cactus Cat has their roots in instrumental surf rock but have slowly gone off the rails into the self-described realm of adventure rock. Cactus CatAaron Varnell4/19/2019 9:28:22
Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Vocals, WoodwindArapahoe County 2015, Silver And Smoke has been blazing a trail in a genre they’ve coined as “Western Rock.” The quartet have a variety of influences, including: blues, classic rock, soul, folk, country, punk, bluegrass, jazz, and classical - making their music one fiery combination.Silver And SmokeDino Ianni4/22/2019 15:26:46
Drums/Percussion, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Accoustic/Electric), Piano/Keyboard/Synth, VocalsLarimer County*FWe are a semblance of tried yet anxious musicians, who endeavor to emulate the grandeur of popular experience while challenging the conventions of its expression. Alternative, Prog, Classical, Grunge... You'll find a bit of everything on your journey to Titan.Soon To Be TitansMatthew Adams4/23/2019 23:21:28