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SOGES Science Show

Our planet is currently undergoing unprecedented changes, from large scale natural resource extraction and species extinction to climate change. These impacts have created enormous challenges for the sustainable use and future of our Earth. Across the globe and here at CSU, researchers are working together to tackle these important issues in sustainability.

In partnership with the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) here at Colorado State University, a panel of 20 graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in the Sustainability Leadership Fellowship have created “The Sustainability Hour” as a platform to better communicate the challenges that we as a global community are currently facing, the impacts that human-induced changes are having on the natural world, and the current research that is being conducted to address and solve these important questions. Every Tuesday from 6-7 pm on “The Sustainability Hour” they interview resident professors and graduate students or visiting researchers that are working in the vast arena of sustainability.

Throughout the semester they will discuss issues ranging from long-term food security and biological diversity conservation and management, to global climate change and environmental governance. They will also talk with local and international research groups that have partnered with SoGES to address sustainability related challenges, such as the Africa Center, the Conservation Development Research Team and Future Earth. So tune in to “The Sustainability Hour” every Tuesday evening from 6-7 pm on 90.5 KCSU Fort Collins.