Adventure Club Interview


The first night of Wakrusa KCSU and Matt Ciesa of City2Snow had an exclusive interview with Christian Srigley and Leighton James from Adventure Club  right before they took the stage.

Below is the interview transcript:

City2Snow (C2S): Are you guys putting out another album soon?

Christian (C): Yaaaaaaaaaa? Ha. We are working on it. We don’t have a specific deadline.

Leighton (L): We were originally going to just sit on the music, but decided to release a lot of singles now.

C2S: Nice. Well we will have to stay tuned to your updates and looking forward to those new tracks. You play a lot of different styles in your live set, how do you keep bringing all this variety to your live shows?

L: Consistently listening to music, scouring blogs……

C: We like to have the energy not be so constant during the whole 90 minute set. For example we like to kinda come up and down with it….change tempo…change vibes…

L: Its hard for us to play a set of full slow dubstep, but its just as hard to play a full set of bangers.

C: If you were in a car with us, we are always switching the song like 15 seconds guaranteed ha…..

C2S: The energy you all bring is a huge part of your live set, people love that.

C: It wasn`t until we were listening to another DJs set in the crowd….. that we noticed that he changed the songs like every 30 seconds. So ever since then we try to play out songs alittle more.

C2S: That’s classic you had to actually get in the crowd to realize all that ha. Lets do some pre Global Dance Festival coverage. How do you like coming to Colorado? I was at your last Red Rocks show, where you played with Big Gigantic at Rowdytown 2013.

C: Colorado is one of our favorite places to play… worldwide. Colorado crowds are so into the music and the fans are well so education. Its just really fun in Colorado.

L: When people ask us….what are your favorite places to play? They always expect us to say the place we at currently at but we are like……COLORADO ha.

C: When people ask us that question I always say…..There will always be 2 cites that are our favorite. We say the city we are in that night and then Colorado.

KCSU: Who is your biggest inspiration?

C: Big Gigantic kind of taught us the ropes of touring. They were the first band that ever brought us on the road 3 years ago, that was our first tour with them.

L: They will always have a special place in our heart. So many memories ha….our first bus tour…our 1st encounter with a tour manager. We were like who is this tour manager guy? He is making all things happen haaaaa. Why don`t we have one of those. Now we do!

KCSU: With EDM constantly changing, how do you continue to improve your sound? Where do you think EDM is going?

L: Every door is open in EDM. We are learning trying to the learn with the fans. It is difficult to change in EDM, however, it’s these challenges that make EDM so unique. There is so much opportunity for variety in each set .

KCSU: What’s different about playing at a festival?

C: There are much more people at festivals, which is really important to us.

L: There is usually much better production, which means a better fan experience. We want the fans to be able to rage as hard as they can.

L: However, festivals are much less intimate then shows. Overall it’s just a completely different experience.