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Sean Garber

Sean Garber

By Zay Reyes | July 26, 2018

DJ Garb

My name is Sean Garber, A.K.A DJ Garb. I like to think of myself as Fort Collins and KCSU’s very own Philadelphia correspondent. I am a Junior here at CSU originally from Philadelphia, if that wasn’t obvious I can try a little harder. I am a huuuuuggggeeeee sports fan so be prepared for the sports breakdowns. Always ready to discuss topics, ideas, and events with the listeners. I will do my best to drop all the knowledge bombs possible about sports and current events. I play classics that slap, classics that bop, and all around bangers while I am on the air as well as providing all the pertinent information that has transpired when I was off air. If you are looking for some great music to listen then you have found the right DJ. Tune into The Philly Special with your host DJ Garb and experience greatness.