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Madeleine Friedenbach

Madeleine Friedenbach

By KCSU | June 17, 2019

Hi, I’m Madeleline, but my friends call me meme.

I hail from Santa Cruz, California and I just graduated in the Spring of 2019 after four great years at CSU. I majored in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (go Warner), and I’m currently interning for the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network. I’ve been swiping the aux from friends and family for as long as I can remember, so I figured it’s time to broadcast my subpar music taste to a larger audience. If you happen to come across my show (Thursday’s 1 -3 p.m.), you will probably hear some alternative/indie/hip-hop/EDM/jam bands/whatever I’m in the mood for that day. I’m a venue promoter, so catch me at Red Rocks, the Aggie, the Mish, Boulder Theater and the Fillmore this Summer. My dream is to be an outdoor educator for the National Outdoor Leadership School. My favorite shows are Bojack Horseman, Avatar the Last Airbender and SNL. Stay golden pony boy.