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With KCSU being a creative platform for musical expression, we pride ourselves with our knowledge and passion toward valuing a diverse array of music. Whether that be emo-punk or smooth jazz, we are all able to come together to celebrate the growing community of music. 2017 is a year for appreciating good music, and anticipating what there is to come from our favorite artists. Here at KCSU, our staff consists of many different...

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There was a compilation of electronic music the record label Warp released many years ago, and on the cover was a robot reclining in a chair listening to music through his headphones. That image describes many of Warp’s bands: stationary, subtle, head music. Not so for Jamie Lidell, a Nashville musician signed with Warp, as his brand of electronic is all about movement and freaking the funk out. Channeling Parliament and Bobby Brown,...

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