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Freelance Producer Information

 Being a Freelance Producer at KCSU


Freelance reporters at KCSU are college students who are not certified DJs, but still want to use the KCSU studios to produce content. They must adhere to all of the following rules in order to use KCSU’s resources.

Each semester:

  • The student must publish completed material on KCSU channels. Channels include, RMSMC Podcast channel, KCSU FM 90.5, and possibly more.

For podcasts, KCSU requires:

  • a minimum of 5-episodes or 1 episode per months. OR- 5-hours of total content with a minimum of 3 episodes. Episodes can be any length as long as they match the aforementioned requirements. The content requirement will be reduced on a case by case basis during the summer semester.
  • Podcasts episodes must be completed once a month. We prefer that episodes are released at least once a month. However, we will approve the “binge released” podcasts so long that one episode is completed once a month and presented to the podcast director.

All published material must be FCC appropriate because all material is subject to be aired on KCSU FM. (This can be waived with prior approval from station manager and/or broadcast adviser.)

You must attend the KCSU FCC training as soon as you join KCSU. These are hosted Wednesday 3:45PM – 4:15PM.

Content must align with the mission statement of 90.5 KCSU.

If you cannot or do not wish to follow these rules, almost all KCSU space and equipment is available to rent at competitive rates. Contact if you have any more questions.