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DJ Training Information

 Host Your Own Show By Becoming a DJ!


To become a DJ, you must attend our free training sessions. Available sessions are listed in the drop-down menu below.  You must attend all four classes in the session you select. You must sign up either below or in the station, then wait for a reply by email from our Training Director before attending a session.

Spring 2019 Training Sessions

Tuesday Sessions (1-2pm)

Session 1- Jan 22nd-Feb 12th

Session 2- Feb 19th-Mar 12th

Session 3- Mar 26th-April 16th


Wednesday Sessions (4-5pm)

Session 1- Jan 23rd-Feb 13th

Session 2- Feb 20th-Mar 13th

Session 3- Mar 27th- April 17th

The first week involves an introduction of the KCSUFM Radio Station.

The second week will dive into the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and the basics of the radio station.

In the third week, DJ responsibilities such as CD reviews, meetings and promos will be discussed.

The last week of training will be a test, both written and on air, to exhibit the skills learned during this training process. An 80 percent or higher is required in order to pass.

During those weeks, you will also need to shadow one of our current DJ twice for an hour each.

KCSU is on the first floor of the Lory Student Center in the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation offices.  Fill out the form below to secure your spot and email if neither time works for you.





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