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We announce these concerts on 90.5 KCSU and every day at 5, 7, and 9 p.m.

This calendar is also printed in The Rocky Mountain Collegian Newspaper Monday through Wednesday.

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Thursday, December 13th

  • Surfside 7 is hosting Some Kind of Nightmare and Filthy Hearts at 8pm. These punk rock artists both have music that is more on the raw hardcore side of punk music. Filthy Hearts is a new Denver-based 3-piece group.

Wednesday, December 12th

  • Hodi’s Half Note is hosting the fusion genre bending artists The Supervillians with MountainUs and Luna Shade at 7pm. The Supervillians fuse together reggae and rock. MountainUs and Luna Shade are Colorado-based groups who primarily play rock, but incorporate both jazz and reggae elements into their music.

Tuesday, December 11th

  • The Aggie Theater presents RE:Turn Tuesdays featuring Random Rab with Supersillyus, Moonfrog and Mass Relay at 8pm. These edm artists incorporate a number of other musical genres into their music such as reggae, hip-hop, funk, and soul. Random Rab has heavy melodic driven sets and incorporates trip-hop and classical with his bassy rhythms.

Monday, December 10th

  • Hodi’s Half Note is hosting  an open jam at 10pm. KCSU supports this event because it allows for Fort Collins musical talents to come together and collaborate on stage of one of the largest music venues in Fort Collins. Being able to share your talents and grow as an artist are highly valued at the station and this jam is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other artists.

Sunday, December 9th

  • Hodi’s Half Note is hosting Exmag with Funkstatik and Telemetry at 8pm. These three producers fuse together funk, soul, live instrumentation and blues with their electronic sets. Hodi’s Half Note will be packed full of strong grooves and cool beats for a full rhythmic experience.

Saturday, December 8th

  • The Aggie Theater is hosting Show tha Product w/ Castro, Jandro, Kanon Lebron, Anville, and TOKE at 8pm. This concert will be a night full of rap music and Show the Product is a female rapper who focuses her music on women’s rights, immigration, and other issues she believes in. Expect to hear a wide variety of rap and hip-hop with various musical influences as these 6 artists each have their own unique sound.

Friday, December 7th

  • Hodi’s Half Note is hosting Brad Parsons & Starbird with Morsel at 8pm. These folk rock talents incorporate piercing energy with their strong vocals and acoustic guitar riffs. Brad Parsons & Starbird are Portland-based talents who energize the crowd with their stage presence and Morsel is another folk rock collective out of Denver, CO.