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Concert Calendar

We announce these concerts on 90.5 KCSU and every day at 5, 7, and 9 p.m.

This calendar is also printed in The Rocky Mountain Collegian Newspaper Monday through Wednesday.

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Thursday, November 22nd

Wednesday, November 21st

  • Ace Gillett’s Lounge is hosting Jenna McClean and Spencer Zweifel at 7:30pm. Jenna is a talented local jazz vocalist. Zweifel has arranged a jazz rhythm trio of his own which will help support and showcase Jenna McClean’s talents.

Tuesday, November 20th

  • Hodi’s Half Note presents RE:Turn Tuesdays featuring Toadface with PhLo, Pitta Patta and Jakattak at 8pm. This night will encompass both an array of audio and visuals which perform in unison to exemplify these electronic artist various musical genres such as trap, dubstep, drum & bass, house and hip-hop.

Monday, November 19th

  • Hodi’s Half Note is hosting  an open jam at 10pm. KCSU supports this event because it allows for Fort Collins musical talents to come together and collaborate on stage of one of the largest music venues in Fort Collins. Being able to share your talents and grow as an artist are highly valued at the station and this jam is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other artists.

Sunday, November 18th

  • Ace Gillett’s is hosting live jazz at 7pm. This venue runs live shows 4 nights a week and host an array of local and outside talents. Tonight, they will be featuring Mark Sloniker on piano with his light and breezy new age jazz.

Saturday, November 17th

  • Hodi’s Half Note is hosting Weareforests with The Ugly Architect and D.W. Doucet at 8pm. Weareforests is a Fort Collins local folk project which will be showcased alongside other folk talents for a full experience of what folk music can offer.

Friday, November 16th

  • The Aggie Theatre is hosting SoMo with Johnny Stimson, Keenan TreVon and Redcoat Kid at 8pm. SoMo is an American contemporary R&B artist who will be showcasing his vocal, piano and guitar talents.