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Concert Calendar

This concert calendar is brought to you by The Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins’ main spot for hosting nationally touring acts.

These concerts will be announced on 90.5 KCSU and every day at 5, 7, and 9 p.m.
This calendar is also printed in The Rocky Mountain Collegian Newspaper Monday and Wednesday.

Saturday, September 14th

The Aggie Theatre is hosting Manic Focus with Daily Bread at 9 pm. Manic focus is a multi dimensional electronic artist that remains unbound to any genre but fuses soulful blues with heavy hitting bass. Likewise, Daily Bread is also an electronic musician that fuses soul and hip hop into his work to create meaningful and memorable music.

The Armory is hosting Pokey Lafarge at 6 pm. A difficult specimen to define, Pokey Lafarge is a musician raised on a healthy diet of blues, bluegrass, ragtime, swing, and old time country. Now, his style is defined as “timeless with good taste” and while he may look like he stepped out of the 1950s, his music will take you on a journey through the ages.

Friday, September 13th

The Mishawaka is hosting The Polish Ambassador at 7 pm. The Polish Ambassador is an American electronic musician and DJ who utilizes live sound mixing to guide you through a well crafted and evocative journey through the techno world while getting jiggy with it. Your eardrums won’t know what hit them and your body will shake and jive like its 3005.

Surfside 7 is hosting Big Business at 7 pm. A heavy rock group with punk rock roots, Big Business defines their style as “too eccentric and playful to be accepted as metal but too loaded and loud to be taken as most anything else,” as a genre that can only be defined as fluid folk metal. This show offers a wide range of sounds within one band

Thursday, September 12th

The Downtown Artery is hosting Summer Cannibals at 7 pm. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Summer Cannibals is led by Jessica Boudreaux, who made the executive decision to scrap their entire last album to create something new and fresh after experiencing an abusive personal and creative experience. Now with their fourth album out, Summer Cannibals is ready to take on the world with their heavy rock music.

Pinball Jones Campus West is hosting Plasma Canvas, Kill Vargas, Gramma and The Crooked Rugs at 7 pm. From Plasma Canvas’ emotional punk rock sound, to Kill Vargas’ power pop, Gramma’s upbeat punk, and The Crooked Rugs’ classic rock sound, this show offers a little bit of everything.

Wednesday, September 11th

Odell Brewing Company is hosting Winnie Brave at 5 pm. A Canadian Americana duo, Winnie Brave bring their positive energy and folky tunes to the stage.

Ace Gillett’s is hosting Jam Night with the Subterranean Trio at 7 pm. If you’re an up- and-coming jazz artist looking to get your voice heard, this is the place for you. Come dressed up in your best attire and get ready to jam out!

Tuesday, September 10th

Hodi’s Half Note is hosting Millencolin with I Am the Owl and Came and Took It at 8 pm. Racking up 26 years in the music scene is no small feat, and Millencolin has achieved just that. As a 90’s Swedish skate-punk band, you can expect a high energy show.

Monday, September 9th

Colorado State University Center for the Arts is hosting the Virtuoso Series Concert: Saxophone Sonatas at 7:30 pm. Presented by Peter Sommer and Tim Burns, this concert will take you through time with saxophone performances through the years.

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