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When you have decades of education experience, a TedX Talk under your belt, and a non-profit for reproductive health education, a podcast might be the perfect way to share your life’s work. That’s exactly what Dr. Betsy Cairo, founder of CryoGam, the only commercial sperm bank in Colorado, and the educational non-profit Look Both Ways, was thinking when she reached out to KCSU in the Spring of 2018. KCSU General Manager...

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During most college finals, all that can be heard is the cracking of mechanical pencil lead, and knees nervously bouncing up and down.But, this is not so in final for the Radio Operations Workshop, a course offered by the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies at Colorado State University. Students prepared all semester to appear as a guest, host, and producer on their own 2-hour live radio talk show on 90.5 KCSU. The...

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