Are you a full-time Colorado State University student?

Interested in joining the KCSU team?

We are a student run radio station financed by CSU student fees. All staff and volunteers are currently enrolled students in all majors from engineering to journalism to forestry. We accept everybody that completes the training process and is in good academic standing.


Volunteering Opportunities:

Become a DJ and host a show

Screen CDs we get from record labels

Be a part of KCSU presents street team

Intern a manager

Write show and CD reviews for the website

Direct the CD screening for a specific genre


The Training Process:

1. A brief FCC presentation and KCSU overview

2. Attend the training show to show how to operate the board and conduct a show

3. Get manager signatures and shadow two existing DJs during their show

4. The FCC test


If you are interested in becoming a DJ please contact our training director at