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Foxx Bodies, a band from Los Angeles, was the first opener for the Sorority Noise concert on March 14th. The lead singer, Bella Vanek, was a fairly small woman with a scream I did not think could come from someone that size. The first song opened with what sounded like slam poetry and then shifted into shouting expletives and crazy gestures. The first couple songs, I was surprised more than anything because I wasn’t expecting...

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CD Review: Home of the Strange by Young the Giant Julia Battagliese Young the Giant is best known for their songs “Cough Syrup” and “My Body” from their earlier self-titled album released in 2011. That album had a very laid-back vibe that could best be described as having a semi-upbeat feel with a twinge of melancholy. This is where Young the Giant began to make a name for themselves and though those two songs provided a platform for...

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