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FoCoMX 9

Yes, we already know it: Fort Collins is home to some of the most talented local musicians in Northern Colorado. This may just be our bias, but once a year when FoCoMX rolls around, this theory is ultimately proven. The event brings different musical genres from all over Colorado in order to blend them together to create a colorful palate of music over the course of only two days. With shows taking place all over the town at venues such as Hodi’s Half Note, Avogadro’s Number and Surfside. So on April 22nd , 6 KCSU DJs had all but hesitation taking advantage of this outstanding Fort Collins festival, going to as many shows as possible in hopes to not miss out on the hype that is FOCOMX.

Here are their reactions, thoughts and excitement pertaining to this musical weekend taking place in the talented town we live in:

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