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Do you like serial killers? Have a weird obsession with Law and Order SVU? Do you watch forensic files for 5 hours at a time with popcorn? Feed your true crime addiction with your hosts Randi and Clair on the KCSU podcast, Killer Vibes. Each episode dives deep into local cases, to unsolved mysteries, to famous cases every true crime fan knows and loves.Aired Fall 2018-Spring 2019
The A&C board of the Rocky Mountain Collegian fights to complete their test and check their grades.Featuring: Graham Shapley as Dungeon Master, Ty Davis as Vincent the Wizard, Henry Netherland as Ty(ra) the Monk, Walker Discoe as Ratthew the Paladin, and Joel Thompson as Jelfrey the Fighter. Aired Spring 2019
Tempo talks is a KCSU sponsored podcast hosted by Rory Plunkett and Jayla Hodge. Each week features a new local musician.Aired Spring 2018-Spring 2019
International Voices is a podcast that shares the perspectives and experiences of international students studying at Colorado State University. In each episode, tune in to hear a different take on cross-cultural challenges, lessons we can learn from one another and foods from around the world you should try.Aired Spring 2018
Talk It Out is a podcast where Mia Sawaya discusses a topic, like feminism or religion, through music. Each episode, she discusses around three songs that bring up different aspects of the topic. Herself and a guest will form their conversation on the topic around the lyrics of the songs. Hopefully anyone listening will realize how influential good music can be, and the importance of embracing different viewpoints. Enjoy the music and conversations!Aired Spring 2018
This is a podcast about that substance that comes straight from your tap, water! We are talking about water sustainability, starting locally and growing to globally. Looking at where our water comes from, how it’s stored, how it’s used and how water looks different all over the world. Water is required for life, we all need it! So join the conversation as we talk about water sustainability.Aired Fall 2018
There is a significant amount of misinformation regarding genetically modified (GM) foods, and mainstream media often suggest that you must be either vehemently for or radically against GM foods. We wanted to sort through some of the commonly held opinions and evaluate what information is scientifically valid. Our priority is obtaining real facts, and so we brought in an expert in to help educate us, and hopefully our listeners, more on this topic.Aired Spring 2018
“Dirty Talk” is a sex and romance podcast hosted by Chapman Croskell and Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick. On the show, Chapman and Tati share personal experiences, discuss feminist theories and interview professionals to gain a better understanding of the realm of relationships.Aired Spring 2018
This is a podcast that shares a meal with musicians and asks the underbelly questions. We roll over the norms of being a local musician to bring their lives to light.Aired Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Smol Goals is a lifestyle comedy podcast about tips for a slightly happier life. The show is hosted by Seth Bodine and Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick, and brought to you by 90.5 KCSU Fort Collins. It is born from the stressful environment of late nights in the Rocky Mountain Collegian newsroom and the urge to be better people, friends, and media makers.Aired Summer 2018
The Weekly Sustainability Digest is a pre-produced show that discusses current global issues and news in sustainablility and conservation, as well as upcoming events in the Fort Collins community.Aired Spring 2018
Learn how to read astrology charts through understanding aspects like modalities, planets, and houses. Haley Justino and Olivia Barber have an energetic discussion about their own placements and how astrology has impacted their lives.Aired Spring 2018
Fact and Fiction is a podcast that takes a different historical figure every episode, and gives listeners an overview of that person’s life, with lots of fun facts to tell their friends about! These different historical figures range from authors and artists, to queens and movie stars. Historical figures both done, and in the works, include the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe, Katherine of Aragon, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and many more!Aired Spring 2017
The Poppin' Things Podcast is a pop culture podcast hosted by Colorado State University students. Join us each week as we geek out about movies, video games, shows, and discuss pop culture from a college perspective.Aired Fall 2016 - Spring 2017