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KCSU Staff

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Sam Bulkley
Station Manager

Sam is in charge of the Station. He oversees all the operations at the station. He makes sure everything goes smoothly with all the departments within KCSU. He is the guy to go to when there is a question.

Sam is a Senior mechanical engineering major but enjoys the world of music. He loves interviewing artists as they come through Colorado and going to concerts. He got sworn in to be an official Goonie by Sean Astin. He plays guitar and sings in a band. He’s almost level 21 in Pokémon Go

Max Essenburg
Program Director

As Program Director, Max schedules all the shows that go out on air as well as manage the DJ’s for the programming side of things, on the engineering spectrum he fixes technical problems around the station and works as a liaison with other technical service groups. Together they fix all the problems that go wrong with the station.

Max is a Junior Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering major and plans to graduate in 2020. Also, Jim Halpert and John Wayne are his spirit animals. One of the most creative people at the station.

Collin Felix
Sports Director

Collin organizes the sports department for KCSU. They have weekly shows and cover other local sporting events in the Northern Colorado Community. He also helps organize the coverage of play-by-play coverage of CSU Women’s volleyball and CSU Women’s Soccer.

Collin loves sports and ice cream! He loves being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. But he is typically watching some sports related event. You can always find him wearing a hat and rocking the sunglasses.


Mimi Hibben
Local Director

Mimi is in charge of keeping up with the local music scene. “Local” applies to the greater Denver area. She conducts in-studio performances, interviews, and reviews local CDs to be put into rotation. She also has started a new show called “Loco Locals”, featuring local music and in-studio performances. Contact Mimi if you’re interested in getting your local band on KCSU.


Mimi loves all kinds of music and can keep an Orchid alive without watering it for two weeks so there’s hope for her in this world.

Dani Strobel
Training Director

Dani coordinates volunteers for KCSU. She leads people through the training process to become DJs, CD Reviewers, Reporters, and many more positions! Contact Dani if you are interested in joining the KCSU team or check out the Become A DJ tab.

Dani is working on a Communications major with a minor in French. She is in love with places she has never been and people she has never met. She enjoys backpacking and extravagant adventures. She also loves all super hero and action movies.