KCSU Staff

To contact any of our staff, check out this page!

Brennan Allen
Broadcast Engineer engineering@kcsufm.com

Brennan is our go-to fix it guy. He manages our programmed automation, sets up all equipment in the studio and production room, and handles any electronic malfunctions. We would be lost without him.

Brennan is a technical theater production major and also works with the CSU police department. He loves taking things apart but also putting them back together.

Photo of Dan Allen
Dan Allen
Station Manager kcsustationmanager@gmail.com

As station manager, Dan is in charge of staff organization, maintaining the public inspection file, and working with faculty to essentially run KCSU.

Dan is an economics major with a business minor. He loves homemade hot cocoa and avidly reads the Atlantic. He’s also a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. He loves weekends spent on challenging outdoor adventures (and sometimes cliff jumping).

Nicole Beale
News Director kcsunewsstaff@gmail.com

Nicole leads a team of news reporters and hosts the Quite Honestly News Show from 3-5 pm on Sundays. Nicole ensures that news team content is relevant and meets the needs of our listeners.

Nicole is a journalism and technical communication major. She enjoys going to concerts of local artists and loves eating.

Photo of Kalyn Bessert
Kalyn Bessert
Local Director kcsu.local.dep@gmail.com

Kalyn is in charge of keeping up with the local music scene. “Local” applies to the greater Denver area. She conducts in-studio performances, interviews, and reviews local CDs to be put into rotation. Contact Kalyn if you’re interested in getting your local band on KCSU.

Kalyn is an Apparel and Merchandising with a Business Administration minor. Kalyn loves going to concerts and dancing in the moonlight. She also spent a week on an island and hiked up 1,000 feet in 3 minutes.

Photo of Luke Biedscheid
Luke Biedscheid
Production Director production@kcsufm.com

Luke is our in house production guy. He produces our bumps, PSAs, and promos. He is the voice of KCSU that adds personality to our airwaves.

Luke is a graphic design and electronic art major. He can do almost any voice in the book and loves to scare his coworkers, but more than anything he likes to make people laugh, or even just say, “WHAAAT?” He can also grow a beard and breath simultaneously. Next. Level.

Dimetrius Gonzales
Sports Director kcsusports@gmail.com

Dimetrius organizes all sports broadcasts, shows, and updates associated with KCSU. He coordinates the live play by play broadcasts of many CSU sports games including women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, and soon to be women’s basketball.

Dimetrius is a double major in journalism and communication studies. Being Sports Director, he is really into the sports scene, but he also loves gaming. He plays tons of different games from  from different genres and follows the competitive gaming scene. His favorite competitive teams are Evil Geniuses and Cloud 9.

Photo of David Jarvis
David Jarvis
Assistant Promotions Director kcsupromo@gmail.com

David assists Brad in coordinating remotes and KCSU presents events. He records promotional pieces for the airwaves and helps promote the website and social media.

A Minnesota native, David is a journalism and technical communication major. He loves hip-hop and rap music and is the hip-hop music director. David is a tennis player along with being a DJ and if he’s not in the studio, he is probably on the court or hanging out with friends playing video games and rapping.

Photo of Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson
Music Director kcsumusic@gmail.com

Zach works with Cheyenne to keep our music department up to date. He also stays in contact with record labels, charts music, and manages music reviews.

Zach is a double major in journalism and communication studies. Zach was the Assistant Music Director his sophomore year, but took time away to study abroad in Japan. Now he’s back with a vengeance! He’s also eaten cow tongue on several occasions, which could sound troubling but it’s actually pretty good.

Photo of Brad Lanphere
Brad Lanphere
Promotions Director kcsupromo@gmail.com

Brad is in charge of getting the KCSU name out there. He organizes all KCSU Presents events, remotes on and off campus, and many of our ticket give aways.

Brad is majoring in journalism and minoring in Spanish and Brad’s favorite hobby is seeing live music. Ever since he was a child, Papa Brad brought little Brad to many concerts. He first ventured to Lollapalooza in 2006 and that festival really started his love of music full circle. Since then he’s been a huge fan of music festivals because of all the new artists he discovers at each one. Brad tries to go to a show at least once a week and some of his favorite bands are Phish, STS9, Lotus and The Disco Biscuits.

Photo of Lindsie Livingston
Lindsie Livingston
Training Director kcsutraining@gmail.com

Lindsie coordinates volunteers for KCSU. She leads people through the training process to become DJs, CD Reviewers, Reporters, and many more positions! Contact Lindsie if you are interested in joining the KCSU team or check out the Become a DJ tab.

Lindsie is a double major in journalism and communication studies and loves watching Disney movies on Friday nights and talking in an outside voice.

Photo of Molly MacDougall
Molly MacDougall
Program Director

Molly is the go to communicator between staff and all volunteers including DJs. She maintains the show schedule, monitors show quality, and assists the station manager.

Molly is from a burb of Seattle and is a chemical engineering major. She loves tattoos, bad puns, and sewing.

Jacqui Maes
Underwriting Director underwriting.kcsu@gmail.com

Jacqui is in charge of organizing underwriting on-air and advertising on the website. Underwriting is like commercials but more informational and less qualitative. Contact Jacqui if you are interested in having underwriting for your company air on KCSU.

Jacqui is a journalism major with a minor in communications. Besides working and DJing at the station, Jacqui teaches indoor cycling classes (spin classes) at the CSU Rec Center and encourages people to take them – they won’t kill you. She worked at DSW in sales for 3 years and likes talking to people.

Photo of Cheyenne McCoy
Cheyenne McCoy
Music Director kcsumusic@gmail.com

Cheyenne and Zach work together to stay in contact with record labels, charting music,and managing music reviews. They determine what music goes into rotation and are the music experts at the station.

Cheyenne is a journalism and technical communication and communication studies dual major. She loves all animals especially kittens and beluga whales. She also has synesthesia, which means that her senses are crossed and she can “see” sound. Cheyenne says a big part of why she likes music so much is because different voices, notes, and rhythms paint really cool pictures in her head.

Photo of Rebekah Romberg
Rebekah Romberg
Web Content Editor kcsu.web.editor@gmail.com

Rebekah is in charge of the KCSU website. She is in charge of updating information on the website and regulates content and design.

Rebekah is a double major in journalism and communication studies. She dreams, yearns, and longs to own a corgi and get more sleep. Her ideal day includes drinking tea, listening to music, and knitting while wearing fuzzy socks.