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Photo of Kalyn Bessert
Kalyn Bessert
Local Director

Kalyn is in charge of keeping up with the local music scene. “Local” applies to the greater Denver area. She conducts in-studio performances, interviews, and reviews local CDs to be put into rotation. Contact Kalyn if you’re interested in getting your local band on KCSU.

Kalyn is an Apparel and Merchandising with a Business Administration minor. Kalyn loves going to concerts and dancing in the moonlight. In fifth grade she was in an all girls punk band called The Pink Gothicas and they wore hot pink and black a lot. #hardcore.

Photo of Luke Biedscheid
Luke Biedscheid
Senior Production and Training Consultant

Luke’s voice is in everything we pump into KCSU. Everything from Barney the Dinosaur to an awkward infomercial host from 1970’s. He advises David with producing everything you hear in-between songs on the radio.

Luke makes them gains while being older than KCSU and hopes to one day have a job.

Photo of Sam Bulkley
Sam Bulkley
Web Content Editor

Sam is in charge of the KCSU website. He is in charge of updating information on the website and regulates content and design.

Sam is a Junior mechanical engineering major but enjoys the world of music. He loves interviewing artists as they come through Colorado and going to concerts. He also enjoys playing video games and making music.

Photo of Vince DiTirro
Vince DiTirro
Promotions Director

Vince works with venues to promote upcoming concerts and find ways to make increase the popularity of KCSU. He’s the one you will see at remotes handing out free stuff and getting KCSU’s name out there.

Vince is double majoring in Finance and Accounting and is graduating next Spring. Dogs love him.

Photo of Max Essenburg
Max Essenburg
Assistant Broadcast Engineer

As Assistant Broadcast Engineer, Max helps out Clay, the magician. Together they fix all the problems that go wrong with the station.

Max is a sophomore Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering major and plans to graduate in 2020. Also, Jim Halpert and John Wayne are his spirit animals.

Photo of Dimetrius Gonzales
Dimetrius Gonzales
Sports Director

Dimetrius organizes all sports broadcasts, shows, and updates associated with KCSU. He coordinates the live play by play broadcasts of many CSU sports games including women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, and soon to be women’s basketball.

Dimetrius is a double major in journalism and communication studies. Being Sports Director, he is really into the sports scene, but he also loves gaming. He heavily follows the sensation of E-sports, mainly into in League of Legends and Professional Fighting game tournaments. His favorite teams to follow are Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses (Winterfox). He is working to find a way to merge the worlds of Athletics and E-sports, since they are so similar.

Photo of Clay Henning
Clay Henning
Broadcast Engineer

Clay is our go-to fix it guy. As Broadcast Engineer, it is his job to maintain all the equipment that makes KCSU work. So he fixes things when they break, install and upgrade new equipment, and teach people how to use equipment so they don’t break it.

When his head is not stuck in a computer somewhere, it’s usually stuck in a computer somewhere else. If his head is not stuck in a computer anywhere, then he’s probably behind a mixing console, mixing live bands or recording music.

Photo of Jackson Hindman
Jackson Hindman
Music Director

Jackson works with Brad to keep our music department up to date. This includes receiving and organizing CD’s sent to us by national promotion companies, screening new music to find what is best for our music rotation, and submitting weekly charts to the College Music Journal (CMJ) that contribute to the national college music charts.

Jackson is a communications major with a music, stage and sports production minor. When he was 8 he won a M&M dispenser at a fair because he guessed how many M&Ms were in a jar. Not really relevant to his job here, but still a definite high point in his life.

Photo of David Jarvis
David Jarvis
Production Director

Luke is our in house production guy. He produces our bumps, PSAs, and promos. He is the guy that either makes your dreams happen or tells you you need new ones.

A Minnesota native, David is a journalism and political science major. He loves hip-hop and rap music and is the hip-hop music director. David is a tennis player along with being a DJ and if he’s not in the studio, he is probably on the court or hanging out with friends playing video games and rapping. His mixtapes are fire and  personality is fresh.

Photo of Brad Lanphere
Brad Lanphere
Music Director

With the help of Jackson, the music department decides what gets put in to our musical rotation for Primetime shows. They get tons and tons of music in the mail each week and we listen to find what’s best for the station’s sound. They chart what they like to the College Music Journal. Basically they do lots and lots of CD reviews.

Brad is majoring in journalism and minoring in Spanish and Brad’s favorite hobby is seeing live music. He is originally from Chicago, IL and was raised a Dead Head. Papa Brad took him to see live music from an early age and would always have great music playing at the house, so it was his calling to love music. Seeing live music is one of his biggest hobbies, and he tries to go see a show at least once a week. He also loves to snowboard, which is what he does before a show or when he’s not at a show. You can find Brad riding his razor scooter in style to class.

Photo of Lindsie Livingston
Lindsie Livingston
Social Media Coordinator

As Social Media Coordinator she is in charge of maintaining and posting for all of the various social media platforms that KCSU has.

Lindsie is a double major in journalism and communication studies with a film minor and loves watching Disney movies on Friday nights and talking in an outside voice. She is secretly an old lady because she likes to go to bed at 10pm, she crochets often, and she has a bingo app on her phone.

Photo of Michael Nickels
Michael Nickels
Assistant News Director

Mike assists in directing the news department of KCSU, where we hold a weekly news show and conduct daily news update. The News Department helps keep students informed through the power of radio waves about international, domestic, and local news.

Michael is a political science major with  business administration and global environmental sustainability minors. He is an identical twin, and so is his fellow news director Tyler. He grew up on the Jersey Shore, but doesn’t suck. His super power is that he sneezes when he’s full and he has this terrible habit of finishing people’s sentences.


Photo of Sanaya Robles
Sanaya Robles
Program Director

As Program Director, Sanaya is the DJ liaison who works with the DJs in scheduling their time slots, communicating between the station’s on-goings and the DJs, and being on call 24/7 for any DJs in need. She also monitors the overall sound of our station and makes sure KCSU has some consistency throughout our programming.

Sanaya is a liberal arts major with an English and music stage and sports production minor. One time she decided to make a wish on a piece of paper and burn the paper so it would come true (that’s a thing right?). She threw the piece of paper into a small trashcan and ended up melting the whole trashcan and almost set her house on fire. But she didn’t– no houses were burned that night and one wish came true. Actually, in the panic of the fire, she forgot my wish all together and I will never know if it came true.

Photo of Rebekah Romberg
Rebekah Romberg
Station Manager

As Station Manager she manages a staff of about 15 fantastic people who help make KCSU run and be as wonderful as it is. Aside from simply making sure people are on top of stuff, she answers a lot of phone calls and emails and answer questions when necessary.

Rebekah is a double major in journalism and communication studies. She dreams, yearns, and longs to own a corgi and get more sleep. Her ideal day includes drinking tea, listening to music, and knitting while wearing fuzzy socks.

Photo of Dani Strobel
Dani Strobel
Training Director

Dani coordinates volunteers for KCSU. She leads people through the training process to become DJs, CD Reviewers, Reporters, and many more positions! Contact Dani if you are interested in joining the KCSU team or check out the Become A DJ tab.

Dani is working on a Communications major with a minor in French. She is in love with places she has never been and people she has never met. She enjoys backpacking and extravagant adventures. She also loves all super hero and action movies.

Photo of Tyler Stup
Tyler Stup
News Manager

Tyler is our News Manager. He organizes the “Quite Honestly News Show” on Wednesdays from 6-7. He finds stories for reporters, finds guests to interview on the show, and recruits new people who are interested in doing the news!

Tyler is an economics major with a stunning smile. He compiled some of his best reviews:
“Wait… who are we talking about?” – The New York Times
“You can’t just ask news organizations to drop quotes about people who aren’t relevant.” – The Denver Post
“Tyler Stup is dope as hell” – Banksy