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Sam Bulkley
Station Manager

Sam is in charge of the Station. He oversees all the operations at the station. He makes sure everything goes smoothly with all the departments within KCSU. He is the guy to go to when there is a question.

Sam is a Senior mechanical engineering major but enjoys the world of music. He loves interviewing artists as they come through Colorado and going to concerts. He got sworn in to be an official Goonie by Sean Astin. He plays guitar and sings in a band. He’s almost level 21 in Pokémon Go

Hannah Copeland
Audio & Music Student Media Adviser

Hannah is our Audio & Music Student Media Adviser. 

Hannah works with 40+ radio DJs and staffers who want to broadcast fresh music, news, sports, and talk on the airwaves. She advises students on how to make their content lively, and she tries to advise my equipment not to break. The later doesn’t really work, so she also fixes different pieces of equipment around the station to keep KCSU rocking. From the microphone to our radio tower, she makes sure it all functions and sounds the best it can! In addition to KCSU, she assists our TV station and newspaper with their audio and music needs.

She was an NPR affiliate station announcer and reporter in Kansas City, Missouri until she moved to Fort Collins in August 2016 to work for Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation. She may be from Kansas, but she still digs all things involving water such as delicious seafood, kayaking, and swimming. Hannah plays the drums and sings. I’ve played in bands since 2010 and have self-produced about a half dozen EPs. She enjoys eating oversized marshmallows dipped in good coffee.

Max Essenburg
Program Director

As Program Director, Max schedules all the shows that go out on air as well as manage the DJ’s for the programming side of things, on the engineering spectrum he fixes technical problems around the station and works as a liaison with other technical service groups. Together they fix all the problems that go wrong with the station.

Max is a Junior Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering major and plans to graduate in 2020. Also, Jim Halpert and John Wayne are his spirit animals. One of the most creative people at the station.

Collin Felix
Sports Director

Collin organizes the sports department for KCSU. They have weekly shows and cover other local sporting events in the Northern Colorado Community. He also helps organize the coverage of play-by-play coverage of CSU Women’s volleyball and CSU Women’s Soccer.

Collin loves sports and ice cream! He loves being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. But he is typically watching some sports related event. You can always find him wearing a hat and rocking the sunglasses.


Tucker Fortson
Production Director

Tucker is our Production Director. Tucker is a Psychology Major with a minor in Film Studies. He plans on graduating in Dec 2016.

Basically, he makes the stuff that plays in between songs. Promos, bumps, underwriting, funny skits and any other creative things the other DJs and staff would want to play during song changes.

He enjoys being lazy and watching movies.He hates the cold even though he lives in Colorado. He prefers Pepsi over Coke. He’s that person that will stop whatever he’s doing to adore a puppy walking by and he prides myself on his very average imitations of famous people.

Mimi Hibben
Local Director

Mimi is our Music Director. Mimi is Majoring in JMC with a minor in Music Production. Mimi plans on graduating in 2018. 

KCSU takes pride in providing listeners with a diverse sound. So, Danny and Mimi are given the wonderful task of ensuring that we keep the music selection at the station so fresh (and so clean). With the collaboration of our musical minds, they are able to kick-ass at 5 things as the two KCSU Music Directors. Ready? 1. Being open to and accepting all music sent to us 2. CD reviews 3. Attending concerts when really she should be studying 4. More CD reviews 5. Emails. Emails. Emails. I know it sound repetitive, but she love what she does. With that being said, if you ever see an extremely tall blonde dude wearing cut-offs and an expressive metal t-shirt, or a much shorter, brunette, lady trotting around campus listening to Salt-N-Peppa, feel free to pull them aside. They don’t bite, they just wanna hound you about your music taste.

Mimi is a vegan. And she listens to excessive amounts of rap music. Yep, you read that right.

You can take girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl. #vegansdoitbetter

Sean Kennedy
Video Director

Sean is our Video Director. He is majoring in Journalism/ Vocal Performance. He plans on graduating in May 2017. 

Sean is in charge of planning, coordinating and producing all the video content for KCSU! This is a completely new department at the station this year, so Sean and Dani are excited to bring you brand-new kinds of content we haven’t been able to offer before!

Sean gets really bothered by incomplete senten

Trevor Lombardi
Underwriting Director

Trevor is our Underwriting Director. He is an Art Major w/ a concentration in Graphic Design. Trevor plans on graduating in Spring 2017.

Trevor is in charge of Underwriting, essentially advertising for the station. When companies or businesses are interested in promoting their name through the station they talk to Trevor and he’ll edit and produce spots to advertise their business. He also makes sure that these underwriting spots are being played by DJs by keeping logs so that they can play these spots at their designated times.

“I’d say I am a cross between a young Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford, but most of the time people think I am Elvis. I went to the thrift store today and the lady called me Elvis.There’s also another lady who works there who calls me the same thing. I think I go to the thrift store too much if it I am known by their staff as Elvis. I guess that’s an accomplishment: a usual at a thrift store.

It’s probably because I stand out due to the clothes I wear. I hate the word “vintage,” but that’s the best way to describe what I wear. I prefer the term: “classic.” I like my shirts with big collars and my pants that taper out into bells. I like all of my jackets. I wish that clothing now was like back then or else I would wear the new clothing. If big collars aren’t the next big come back then I am Elvis.

I have a very dry sense of humor and I sometimes like being intimidating. Most people think I have my life together because I present myself well and the way I dress. I think that could be true since I am a major in a field that most people don’t think gets any revenue. Jokes on them: graphic design is the only art career I am guaranteed any living… Unless I suck at what I do.” -Trevor Lombardi 

Oscar Lorandi
Asst. News Director

Oscar is a Communications Major, Political Communications Minor. He plans on graduating in 2018. 

Oscar has a show every Tuesday, Jonathan Simon host the “Rocky Mountain Review,” CSU’s only broadcast news show! In the background, they work with our amazing reporters to cover a variety of local and national news stories, organize interviews with public figures, and cover many types of events in Colorado.

They hope to inspire listeners from CSU, In the city of Fort Collins, and those in the greater Northern Colorado are to take interest in local and national affairs.

Oscar as a child was raised by wolves.

But he got his good looks from his mom and dad, and ancestors. He loves music, its a way to escape from reality and lose yourself in the beats and rhymes written between the pen and paper. If you couldn’t guess, he is  a hip-hop connoisseur; but more importantly, he loves baby-making music, A.K.A R&B.

He lifts weights like a horse, and sleeps like a tranquilized one too.

Dylan McDaniel
Promotions Director

Dylan is our Promotions Director. Dylan is majoring in Marketing and Finance. Dylan plans on graduating in May 2017. 

Dylan’s position is all about trying to increase awareness about KCSU through promoting events in and around Fort Collins. Some of the many tasks include tabling on the plaza, DJing at local fundraisers, or giving away tickets to local shows through social media. Goal is to decrease the amount of students who DO NOT realize we have a student radio station.

Dylan is from MD. He is currently caught in between being a beach bum, mommas boy or a ski bum, rambling man.

Meena Rezaei
Local Music Director

Meena is our Local Music Director. Meena is a Chemical and Biological Engineering/ Biomedical Engineering minor. Meena is scheduled to graduate in May 2017 WOOP WOOP.

At KCSU Meena is in charge of all things local at KCSU! From local organizations and artists to musicians alike. With that, She aims to expose the listeners of KCSU to the beauty and magic that lies within the local music and art community of Fort Collins!

Her spirit fruit is a blueberry.

Johnathon Simon
News Director

Jonathon is our Co-New Director. He is majoring in Technical Communications and minoring in Political Science. He is planning on graduating in 2018.

Jonathon describes his job as, “Every Tuesday, we host the “Rocky Mountain Review”, CSU’s only broadcast news show! In the background, we work with our amazing reporters to cover a variety of local and national news stories, organize interviews with public figures, and cover many types of events in Colorado.

We hope to inspire listeners from CSU, in the city of Fort Collins, and those in the greater Northern Colorado area to take interest in local and national affairs. “

If you need to know more about Jonathon he has been quoted as saying, “I love my two cats like my children. If I had children. I don’t.”

Bradford Stahl
Web Content Editor

Bradford is the Web Content Editor at KCSU. Bradford is a Graphic Design Major with a Minor in Media Studies. He hopes to Graduate in 2018.

His position includes keeping the website updated with schedules, articles, and reviews. The position also includes keeping our social media running and relevant. He spends a lot of time on the internet already so he might as well contribute.

Bradford’s interests include changing his Instagram bio everyday, listening to Drake in the shower, and selling his roommates personal information online.

Danny Steiner
Music Director

Danny is one of our two Music Directors. He is an English major. He is scheduled to graduate in Fall 2018.

Danny make sure the station is all up to date with cool new music. He also coordinates interviews, and provides ample noise for the office.

He has two fake teeth that pop in and out of his mouth.

Dani Strobel
Video Director

Dani is working on a Communications major with a minor in French. She is in love with places she has never been and people she has never met. She enjoys backpacking and extravagant adventures. She also loves all super hero and action movies.

Dani is  the Assistant Video Coordinator. She works along with Sean to create awesome visual content for KCSU including in-studio performances, music updates and more !!

Laurelle Turner
Asst. Production Director

Laurelle is our Asst. Productions Director. Laurelle has a Masters of Chemical Engineering with an Electrochemical specialty. 

All recorded content goes through the productions department. Whether it’s producing simple Legal IDs and promotional content or helping to produce interviews with bands, celebrities, and community members, she helps to fulfill those roles. In the end, the goal is to create an experience, a voice, and an image that is uniquely KCSU.

Researching air pollution by day, producing amazing content for radio by night, She is a person living in the two worlds of Science and Art. Exploring where they overlap and helping others to pursue their goals in either realm is really what my life is all about. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stephanie Vosicka
Training Director

Stephanie is our Training Director. Stephanie is a Biological Sciences Major. She plans on graduating in Spring 2017.

She is the first face most people who want to get involved with KCSU! She basically trains new/future DJs the rules and behind the scenes actions on how to become an awesome DJ here. 

She is an out of state student from CA majoring in Biology and is now entering her senior year here at CSU. She swam competitively for over ten years, two of which included swimming for the CSU NCAA division 1 team. Otherwise outside of burying her head with science classes, she can be a complete nerd about electronic music and Doctor Who.