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Rocky Mountain Review: February 20, 2018

Rocky Mountain Review: February 20, 2018

By Production Team | March 7, 2018

The Rocky Mountain Review is a bi-weekly student-run news program run by KCSU News Directors Gabe Peterson and Julia Battagliese. Catch up on news updates, discussions, and interviews with your local news directors, reporters, and guests.

Today on the Rocky Mountain Review the news team interview Mersall Sherif, a Senator for ASCSU on the new Women’s Caucus being put into ASCSU. After a quick break they return with local and sports then they went into national and music news with JD Leighton. Following that, Jim Rodenbush and Seth Bodine join the team for a roundtable discussion on the Florida anti-gun rally as well as the student walkout days. The Rocky Mountain Review finished with weather by Gabe Peterson. ​